How Much Does Having A College Degree Matter In The Dating World?

How Much Does Having A College Degree Matter In The Dating World?

People with college degrees are hardwired to look for those with one too.

This outlook is part of the human condition.

We tend to look for people who are similar to us, whether it be in culture, educational background, socioeconomic level, etc.

This makes it easier for people to relate to each other.

Finding someone that has similarities with them automatically means that they can see eye to eye on various topics.

As a woman in the dating world, your natural instinct is to pair up with a guy that is doing well for himself.

A college degree points to a number of advantages that can give the holder a leg up in the dating world.

For one, those with a college degree tend to be higher earners.

This means that he has a career that pays higher than what a person who doesn’t have a college degree would earn, on average.

A higher earner is attractive in the dating world.

This is someone who can provide financial security.

As a woman, financial security is a big factor when it comes to who you choose to be your life partner, regardless of whether you have a college degree of your own.

So, even if you don’t care that much about dating someone who has a college degree, you are naturally drawn to a guy that earns more than guys you have dated in the past who didn’t have a college degree.

A holder of a college degree in the dating world has prestige.

People in general tend to look up to and respect those who have attained higher education.

They receive respect and adulation.

Especially when the person has racked up several college degrees.

There is a societal cache that comes with having a college degree.

Should you happen to be a woman with a college degree, you are looked at with a degree of reverence by society at large.

The same applies to a guy you date who also has a college degree.

You two look like a power couple.

When you receive more respect from society at large, you tend to be asked to higher society events.

This provides stature in society.

Stature provides social security.

A college degree means that you have made friends along the way who have accomplished the same thing.

Many of them were made in college.

These college graduates become a resource later in life, especially in moments where you are seeking out a partner.

Your college graduate friends and colleagues have people they know who are similar.

They have the clout to introduce you to other college graduates that you would never have met in your day to day life.

These are college graduates that relate to you and have the potential to be good partners.

All in all, having a college degree in the dating world comes with its advantages.

In spite of that, it isn’t the end all be all.

A healthy relationship requires excellent communicating skills.

Someone without a college degree isn’t exempt from being an excellent communicator.

It all boils down to what you are looking for in a relationship.

As someone with or without a college degree, what matters most to you in terms of the core qualities you want to have present in a relationship?

It isn’t guaranteed that having a relationship with someone who possesses a college degree equates to a person having the core qualities that you desire in a relationship.

Sometimes, compromises are necessary.

A person without a college degree could be that compromise, if they meet the core qualities of what you would want in a relationship.


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