Would A Guy Date A Girl Who Has An OnlyFans Account?

Would A Guy Date A Girl Who Has An OnlyFans Account?

At first, the idea of him dating a girl with an OnlyFans account is alluring.

To have a girl that is this desirable to men takes center stage in his mind.

He is overwhelmed by it.

Men are competitors by nature.

For many of them, capturing the heart of a girl on OnlyFans, who has so much attention from other men, is like a massive hit of cocaine.

He is the one you chose above everyone else.

The hit surges through his veins like a torrent.

It’s more powerful than anything he has ever experienced before.

Like a space rocket tearing through the sky, he is airborne.

With this much excitement, he is completely enamored with the prospect of dating you.

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That’s why the first few months of dating him feels like nothing you have had before.

He is attentive to your physical and emotional needs.

He wants to be with you a lot.

Conversations with him go on for hours.

He loves showing you off in public and taking it further with PDA (Public Display Of Affection).

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Seeing the way other men react when he is walking with you arm in arm in public is yet another hit.

Men love having a beautiful woman on their arm.

It’s a sign to other men that he is that special.

He is the alpha.

The one with the beautiful girl that all the guys look at with unadulterated desire.

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You can tell that when you are with him in public, there is an extra pep to his step.

This in turn makes you feel good that he is so excited to have you on his arm as his girlfriend.

You see, for many guys, dating a girl with an OnlyFans sounds like a dream.

Again, the idea of capturing the heart of a beautiful girl who is desired by so many men is intoxicating.

So, the first few months with a guy who is dating you is amazing.

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The problem arises once that hit dies out.

There are growing whispers.

Whenever he goes to work, he can see that people are talking about him behind his back.

The same thing occurs when he is at the gym, grocery store, post office, etc.

Other men have caught on that the beautiful girl he has been showing off all around town has an OnlyFans account.

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They are talking amongst themselves about it and the news is spreading like wildfire.

The first few months of dating you was a grace period.

Not that many people knew about the OnlyFans account.

Now, they are learning about it and the knowledge is spreading.

He tries to ignore it at first.

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He tells himself that they are just jealous of him because he has a beautiful girlfriend.

But alas, men care about their reputation.

Society judges them by it.

They spend their whole lives working hard to establish it.

The idea that people are talking about him behind his back and denigrating his reputation is too much to take after a while.

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Eventually, he starts showing discontent in the relationship.

That sweet guy who was so attentive to you in the first few months of the relationship is now not as attentive, taking longer to respond to your messages and keeping those responses short.

Finally, he comes right out with it.

He tells you that he wants you to stop doing OnlyFans or else.

This scenario is often how it plays out with lots of men who show enormous excitement on the prospect of dating a girl with an OnlyFans account.

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These are guys you need to be extremely cautious of.

Although they appear to be excited to be with you, it is primarily because of the purported clout it gives them in the beginning.

These are normally the guys who tell you to stop OnlyFans after a few months of dating you.

They were never dating you because they loved who you were as a person.

They were dating you for the ego boost.

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To avoid guys like this, be weary of any guy that shows interest in you primarily on account of your image as opposed to your actual personality.

The guys who stick around, regardless of whatever rumors arise from people at his work, gym, grocery store, post office, etc., about what you do for a living, are the guys who care about you as a person.

Those are the guys you are better off dating.

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