When You Have A Crush On Someone You Will Never See Again?

When You Have A Crush On Someone You Will Never See Again?

It hit you like a ton of bricks when you saw him.

He had the perfect face and body.

Your mind was transported into a world of make-believe, as you imagined what a life with him as your boyfriend would be like.

That world of make-believe made you feel so good.

Better than you have felt with any guy you have had a crush on in the past or dated.

You have never had a feeling this intense about a guy you don’t know.

You lived for the days you knew you would see him.

Those were the days you put on a show with how you dressed.

Your outfits were sexy, but classy.

Ditto, in regards to your makeup.

It made your day whenever he looked over, whether he smiled at you or not.

As long as he saw you, her heart drummed with a ferocity that felt like it was bound to burst out of your chest.

That night, you fell asleep with a smile and your dreams were filled with his handsome and debonair presence.

For several weeks, you have been existing on two different orbits.

That of earth and that of a world of make-believe that has your crush as its protagonist.

Living in the make-believe world has made the time you spend in the real world palatable.

The humdrum of your daily life in the real world is no match for the heaven that is your dream world.

Oftentimes, you are in class, work, the gym or hanging out with friends and slip into daydreaming.

For a few minutes you are suddenly lost in that world of make-believe where your crush is your guiding star.

It feels exhilarating to envision a life with him.

What you are seeing in your head is so vivid, you temporarily forget where you are in the real world.

When you come to, it literally feels like you have just returned from being transported into another dimension that is invisible to everyone in the real world but you.

Unfortunately, you have since learned that you will never see this crush again in the real world.

He is moving away.

The news has left you devastated.

It feels like you are about to lose a boyfriend.

The boyfriend you never had.

You can’t imagine living in a world where you no longer get to see him as you once did.

True, you have the world of make-believe, but that was powered by seeing him in real life.

Without his physical presence in the real world to feed your dreams, there isn’t much to dream about.

Knowing that you will never see him again, you have been asking yourself about whether he experienced what you did.

Did he have vivid dreams, with you as his object of affection?

Did he daydream of you too?

Being that you never had a conversation with him, it’s impossible to know whether he had the same experience you did.

It is likely he didn’t.

A guy who is that emotionally invested in a woman is normally going to work harder to get her attention.

This guy didn’t.

Although you had vivid dreams about him, there are no guarantees that dating him in the real world would have been as exhilarating.

As human beings, when we like someone this much, our minds create the best possible scenarios about a life with that person.

A life that the real world could never match.

Although you will never see him again, take solace in knowing that the make-believe world you created was a complete fantasy.

A fantasy that your crush could never match up to in the real world.


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