What Are A Guy’s Inner Thoughts About A Girl He Likes And What He Wants To Do With Her?

What Are A Guy's Inner Thoughts About A Girl He Likes And What He Wants To Do With Her?

The longer he doesn’t act in making a move on the girl, the deeper his inner thoughts about her.

You invade his thoughts without warning.

It doesn’t matter what he is doing, whether it is playing video games or drinking with friends, your image interjects into his mind.

No matter how much fun he is having with whatever he is doing, he has to get on his smartphone to see what you are doing on social media.

Are you at home or out and about?

Are you thinking about him at this very moment?

A guy’s inner thoughts get incredibly complex when he likes a girl and doesn’t do anything about it sooner.

Besides thinking about you multiple times a day regardless of what he is doing, he creates a personality for you in his mind.

Mentally, he molds you into the girlfriend of his dreams.

You have the perfect laugh and know how to make him feel good.

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You are fun to be around and have the perfect approach to life in general.

You have amazing friends and family, who are going to love him too.

Without knowing you personally, his inner thoughts construct your personality and what a life with you as his girlfriend looks like.

He wants to share with you in fun and exciting activities, as your future boyfriend.

He visualizes you two as partners going through the ups and downs of life, taking the world by storm.

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His inner thoughts are in overdrive.

In his mind, as your boyfriend, there is no challenge that isn’t overcome or extinguished, as long as you are with him. It is you two against whatever the world brings.

The longer he goes without asking you out or making a move on you, the greater his sense of ownership over you.

When he sees you, he expects you to look in his direction and acknowledge him.

The moment you look in his direction, he instantly assumes you are looking at him, even though you were merely looking in his vicinity and not at him per se.

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Whenever you write anything perceived to be romantic in nature on your social media, he instantly assumes you are writing about him.

When you dress provocatively or wear more makeup than he is used to seeing on you, he assumes you are doing it to get his attention.

The power of inner thoughts, especially where romantic passion is involved, is as euphoric as it is obsessive.

Over time, its obsessive nature transcends the euphoria.

He sees you talking to a random guy one day and instantly experiences a rage within him that burns through him like acid.

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You post pictures of herself having fun somewhere with random guys close to you, and he instantly assumes that you are “cheating” on him.

By this point, his inner thoughts about you have become so vivid and intense, it feels like he is already dating you.

Observing you receiving attention from random men, whether it be on your social media or in real life, is blasphemy.

Now, when he so happens to see you in public, he looks at you with resentment.

In his mind, you don’t deserve his love for “cheating” on him with these random men.

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Have you ever locked eyes with a guy who was looking at you with such harshness, it made your skin crawl?

Sometimes, a guy who does this has been admiring you from afar and never made a move.

Since then, he has observed you with someone else and taken it personally.

In his mind, you were his girlfriend, and “cheated.” For that betrayal, you deserve nothing less than a scowl.

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