Is This Strange Or Completely Normal That My Boyfriend Is Following A Girl On Instagram That Looks Like His Ex?

Is This Strange Or Completely Normal That My Boyfriend Is Following A Girl On Instagram That Looks Like His Ex?

When a boyfriend follows a girl on Instagram who looks like his ex, this can set off a range of thoughts and emotions in you.

To keep yourself from going off on a tangent, you need to think about how your boyfriend has been behaving overall.

Has he been talking about his ex-girlfriend lately, bringing her up as a topic of conversation without any prompting from you?

Has he been taking you out to new places that he would go to with his ex?

Has he reverted his grooming to what he looked like when he was dating his ex?

Before making the assumption that it is strange and cause for alarm that your boyfriend is following a girl on Instagram that looks like his ex, and that this must mean he would much rather be with his ex or someone that looks like her, take account of how he has been behaving lately.

Normally, when a boyfriend is missing an ex-girlfriend, his behavior changes in a number of areas, several of which have been aforementioned.

Following a girl on Instagram that looks like his ex in and of itself isn’t a strong indicator that you have anything to worry about as far as him no longer desiring you and wanting his ex back or someone that looks like her.

In the event that you haven’t seen his behavior change into one that hearkens back to a period where he was dating his ex, you shouldn’t be alarmed.

This is assuming that the two of you don’t have an issue with following people of the opposite gender on social media.

Something else to look to is in how many girls he has followed lately that look like his ex.

An eclectic mix of girls who have no resemblance to his ex, save the one girl, further speaks to the likelihood that he didn’t target this one girl because she looks like his ex.

Still not convinced?

Worried that he is champing at the bit to replace you with someone that resembles his ex?

Have a look at what his ex has been up to on her social media.

Do you see any signs that he has been visiting any of her social media?

An absence of signs means that he isn’t looking to replace you with her or someone that looks like her.

Whenever you are fearful about a worrisome occurrence within a relationship, it is prudent to look at it from multiple angles, as opposed to remaining fixated on one act.

Although he is following this girl who looks like his ex on Instagram, you need to look at his behavior from multiple angles before drawing the conclusion that something is amiss.

Where there is no further evidence of changed behavior, outside of this one act, you have to conclude that he has no troubling intentions.

Using this approach keeps you from having sleepless nights and adding stress to a relationship that isn’t warranted.

In this case, he so happened to follow this girl and it had nothing to do with her resemblance to his ex.


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