Is It Possible To Fall For Someone You’ve Never Met?

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Is It Possible To Fall For Someone You've Never Met?

It is.

In fact, many people do fall for someone that they have never met.

The reason for this is because they often daydream about this person.

The more they daydream about this person, the more real the person becomes.

When someone starts becoming more real in your head, it is a lot easier to give them some personality.

You will essentially start filling in the blanks.

You will start creating particular characteristics that you find appealing.

You will start drawing conclusions about the kind of things that the person may like.

You essentially create a fictional persona in your mind.

When you continue to create this fictional persona over time, you start convincing your mind that this person is actually real.

The mind can’t really tell what is real and what isn’t when it is constantly inundated with a particular image and set of emotions.

Hence, you essentially begin to feel emotions for this person who you have never met because your mind buys into the fact that this person is real.

This is when it is a lot easier for you to fall for this person.

You may even observe this person and try to mimick what they do.

You may try to mimick the way they move their body or even speak.

At some point, you may feel like you are connected to this person because of this.

When we as human beings try to mimick or impersonate someone else, we tend to form a bond or connection with them.

This in essence makes us feel like we already have a closer relationship or connection with this person even though that may not be at all true.

It is very easy to allow your emotions and desires to get the best of you when you are dealing with a situation like this.

As human beings we also tend to crave what we don’t have.

Being that we don’t have it, we can start creating all kinds of conclusions about how it would feel and what it would be like to have it.

We then create an attachment to what we have envisioned.

The more we envision what this experience will be like, the more we get attached and want more.

Eventually, we give in to this desire and become somewhat dependent on it.

It just feels too good.

We think about it in the morning, evening and before we go to bed.

When something feels this good, it can be very hard to let go.

It is like when you are attached to something sweet or some kind of guilty pleasure.

Though you may be aware that this may not be too good of a thing for you, you still want it and find it hard to let go of it.

You essentially start becoming dependent on the feeling whatever it is gives you.

This is how you ultimately fall for someone that you have never met.

It is typically a combination of the persona that you have created for this person and the way it makes you feel.

These can be very hard to let go of.

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