Is It Possible To Fall For Someone You Have Never Met?

Many people do fall for someone they have never met, and get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions that accompanies it.

Is It Possible To Fall For Someone You Have Never Met?Much of it stems from daydreaming.

As human beings, when we like someone from afar intensely, we have a propensity to daydream about the person.

With each consequent daydream, the object of our desire progresses to such an extent, it feels like we know them personally.

You fill in the blanks, creating particular characteristics that appeal to you and drawing conclusions about what the person likes.

You create a fictional persona in your mind.

The mind doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t when it is constantly inundated with particular images and a set of emotions.

You feel emotions for this person who you have never met owing to your mind buying into the false reality that this person is someone you know well.

This is when you fall for this person.

Soon, you are observing this person, mimicking what they do.

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You mimic how they move their body or speak.

At some point, you feel like you are connected to this person.

When we as human beings mimic or impersonate someone else, we form a bond or connection with them.

This is where we deceive ourselves into believing we have a closer relationship or connection with this person even though that isn’t at all true.

Your emotions and desires get the best of you when you are entrenched in this circumstance.

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As human beings, we crave what we don’t have.

Being that we don’t have it, we create a myriad of conclusions about how it feels and what it is like to have it.

We then create an attachment to what we have envisioned.

The more we envision what this experience is like, the more we get attached and want more.

Eventually, we give in to this desire and are somewhat dependent on it.

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It just feels too good.

We think about it in the morning, evening and before we go to bed.

When something feels this good, it is hard to let go.

It is like when you are attached to something sweet or a guilty pleasure.

Though you are aware that this isn’t too good of a thing for you, you persist in wanting it and struggle with letting it go.

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You are dependent on the object of desire for how good it makes you feel.

Inevitably, you fall for someone that you have never met.

It’s a combination of the persona that you have created for this person in your mind and the how good that fabricated persona makes you feel.

These are hard to let go of.

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