Would You Date Someone That Doesn’t Have A Job?

Would You Date Someone That Doesn't Have A Job?

A job isn’t strictly what we do to feed ourselves, pay our bills or take care of the people we love.

It’s a part of what defines who we are as people.

Many people take pride in their jobs and what they contribute to society.

Dating someone who doesn’t have a job says a lot about the person.

Not only are they in constant financial woes, they don’t look at having a job as a source of pride.

It’s one thing if all you are looking for is to have short-term casual fun with this person and have no intention to get serious, it’s something else if you are looking to this person as a long-term romantic prospect.

Don’t let his good looks and swagger deceive you.

In not having a job, he has established that he has no pride in how he contributes to society.

With this lack of shame, a guy without a job is looking to take advantage of any situation he is in where a girl is footing the bill.

That means that you are paying for the dates and for his expenses.

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Who do you think he is calling when he is behind on his phone bill or rent?

Who do you think is giving him a ride everywhere?

Who do you think is giving him money to buy groceries?

You, that’s who.

This is where most girls end up, even when they thought that they were only intending to have a casual short-term relationship with the guy.

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Once you are intimate with him on a number of occasions over a sustained period of time, you open yourself up to developing feelings for him.

Feelings don’t come from a place of logic and are easily manipulated by a guy who has done this before to gullible women.

There are guys out there who are career leeches.

They leech from girl to girl, taking advantage of their charm and ability to get the girl emotionally attached to them.

Be extremely careful.

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In choosing to be consistently intimate with a guy who doesn’t have a job, you are exposing yourself to his continuous lies and charm.

Women are auditory.

This is a big part of their love language.

As a woman, you are extremely susceptible to what you hear and when you are casually involved with a guy who knows how to manipulate women with words, you are extremely likely to fall for it and develop feelings for him.

This is when you go from having control over your thoughts and emotions to losing it.

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At first, you thought this casual relationship would be short-term, but now, it’s been months.

He still doesn’t have a job, even though he has made promises to get one.

You have helped him along in the process, looking out for available jobs in the area and giving him that information, but it has gone nowhere.

Whenever you ask him about his progress, you hear the same story.

He is looking into it.

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Here is your dilemma.

At this point in time, you have spoiled him.

You have been paying for the dates, driving him around, paying his bills, etc.

This pampering makes it that much harder for him to go after a job.

He is so used to the pampering, he doesn’t want it to end and has every intention to milk it dry.

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When you permit a guy who doesn’t have a job to stick around, you risk developing feelings for him which keeps you stuck in a perpetual cycle of paying his way.

This leaves you dissatisfied with your life, regardless of how good he is in bed.

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