How Often Should You Talk About Exes To A Current Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

You shouldn’t talk about exes to your current boyfriend or girlfriend, unless expressly asked by your partner.

How Often Should You Talk About Exes To A Current Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?Talking about your exes, unprompted, is too much for your current boyfriend or girlfriend to handle over time.

You are inadvertently building a rift between you two that grows the more you talk about your exes.

Your current boyfriend or girlfriend contemplates whether you are still in love with your ex or have issues that you haven’t wholly healed from in relation to that past relationship.

Talking about exes adds excessive stress to your current relationship.

Why do you feel the need to talk about your exes?

Are there persisting issues that you haven’t healed from?

Is your ex an active part of your life?

When there are unresolved issues from a previous relationship that has kept you emotionally imprisoned to this ex, you must get over these issues.

Take steps to either forgive yourself and let go, or forgive your ex and let go.

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You are in a new relationship now.

To devote yourself fully to this new relationship, be ready to surrender the last one.

How you treat your mind and what you tell your mind to do is relevant.

Forgiving, regardless of how difficult it is, is a good first step to moving forward.

When your ex remains an active part of your life, determine why that is and the motive behind it.

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Exes who maintain an active relationship with each other don’t want to let go.

There is a fear that by completely cutting the cord, they lose out on the possibility of getting back together one day.

Acknowledging this to yourself is tough, but it has to be done to have any shot at saving your current relationship.

An inability to relinquish an ex is trouble brewing.

A bad argument or misunderstanding with your current partner and you are now vulnerable to running into the comforting arms of your ex.

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A platonic relationship with your ex is not an excuse to actively keep them in your life either.

The excuse is that the relationship is a friendship and nothing else.

Regardless, it’s a platonic relationship that was once intimate.

Those intimate emotions are retriggered with little resistance the moment you and your current partner run into relationship issues.

You run right back into the comforting arms of your so-called platonic friend.

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Why keep this temptation as a constant in your life?

Running into the comforting arms of an ex, even when it is purely sexual in nature, is going back to an ex and cheating on a current partner.

Keeping your ex this close is the trap that you are laying for yourself.

This is why talking about your ex to your current boyfriend or girlfriend has so many implications.

When your current boyfriend or girlfriend surmises that you are maintaining this relationship with your ex as a backup relationship, just in case something goes sideways in your current relationship with them, their trust in you debilitates and discomfort stirs.

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This reduces the likelihood of building a healthy relationship.

Figure out your genuine intentions towards your ex.

There is no eating your cake and having it too.

Either devote yourself to your current partner by letting go of your ex, or let your current partner go, as you work through the unresolved emotions you feel for your ex.

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