How Often Should You Talk About Exes To Current Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

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How Often Should You Talk About Exes To Current Boyfriend/Girlfriend?You shouldn’t talk about exes too often to your current boyfriend or girlfriend.

It may become too much for them to handle in the relationship as time goes on even though they may not be addressing it.

You may be inadvertently building a rift between the both of you that will continue to grow the more you talk about your exes.

They may begin to wonder if you are still in love with your ex or still have issues that you haven’t entirely dealt with from that past relationship.

This is something that can easily add a lot of stress to your relationship.

You do need to ask yourself why you would feel the need to talk about your ex.

Are there some issues that you are still dealing with? Is your ex still an active part of your life.

You really do need to figure this out.

If there are still issues that you are dealing with from your past relationship with your ex, you have to get over them.

You have to ensure that you start taking steps to either forgive yourself and let go, or forgive your ex and let go.

You are in a new relationship after all.

In order for you to devote yourself fully to this new relationship, you should be willing to let go of the last one.

This starts with how you treat your mind and what you tell your mind to do.

Forgiving, regardless of how difficult it may be, is a good first step to moving forward.

If your ex is still an active part of your life, you would have to determine just why that is and for what motive.

The reason you would still maintain an active relationship with your ex could be due to a sense of not wanting to let that relationship go.

If this is the case, you wouldn’t be maintaining a truly platonic relationship.

In the back of your mind, you would hope that one day perhaps you would get back together.

Even though you may be in a new relationship, that hope may still be in the back of your mind.

This is what often happens when exes maintain relationships after a break up.

One or both tend to maintain the hope that one day there will be a reunion.

They may not want to acknowledge that hope to themselves but it is there.

If you were to maintain a friendship with your ex, you need to be absolutely clear about what your motivation is.

You may believe that it is strictly platonic, but this isn’t always the case.

There are many occasions when exes have gotten together while they were supposedly having a platonic friendship.

These exes were already in new romantic relationships.

However, they got back together or hooked up because there was a fight or misunderstanding with their new boyfriend or girlfriend.

It is easy to go back to what you know and are familiar with when you have a problem with a current boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is the trap that you could be laying for yourself.

This is why talking about your ex to your current boyfriend or girlfriend could have so many more implications.

If your current boyfriend or girlfriend gets the feeling that you are maintaining this relationship with your ex as backup just in case something wrong were to happen in your current relationship, it would make them feel very uneasy and unsure of the relationship.

Your current boyfriend or girlfriend would find it very hard to trust you. As a result, it would be very difficult to build a healthy relationship.

Do understand your real intentions when it comes to your ex.

The sooner you do, the easier it will be for you to understand where you truly stand and what to do.

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