Should You Get Back With Your First Love, The One You Never Forgot?

Should You Get Back With Your First Love, The One You Never Forgot?

Ask yourself why you want to get back with your first love.

You have found it hard to forget them, but why?

There is always a reason why this need comes up in one’s life.

Are you at a point in your life where you feel lonely, inadequate or insecure?

Have you had a history of failed relationships?

Are you currently agitated and frustrated at those relationship failures?

The solution here does not lie in whether you should get back with your first love or not.

This doesn’t solve the problem.

The solution lies in you.

The solution lies in you taking a look at your past relationships and asking yourself about where it all went wrong.

When we have relationship failures in our lives, we sometimes rewind.

We rewind to a time when things were better and innocent.

We think about that first love and tell ourselves that this is what we want back in our lives.

This makes us feel better, a natural human reaction.

We look outside of ourselves to fix our relationship woes instead of looking within ourselves.

Any thoughts about getting back with your first love warrants further introspection.

What you find is that you are reaching out to something that made you feel good in the past to feel better about the present.

These emotions are as enticing as they are misleading.

But you deceive yourself into believing that getting this first love back in your life is the right move, feeling that the both of you undoubtedly belong together.

Mental clarity on your part is needed.

Coming at this with the mindset that your past relationship failures have been due to the absence of your one true love is ill-conceived.

Your past relationship failures stem from you and the choices you made, both in partners and in your behavior.

Be clear about that before deciding to take a step towards contacting your first love.

Your first love is not going to be the cure to your relationship woes, as you are solely responsible for correcting past mistakes.

Without fixing these, a first love who comes back into your life elicits the same mistakes all over again.

This doesn’t help you.

It puts you on a path of heartache, feeling like you are so close and yet so far.

Basically the same old story.

Although, the same old feels enticingly familiar, it does eventually wear out.

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