Could You Be With Someone Who Is Less Educated Than You?

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Could You Be With Someone Who Is Less Educated Than You?

If that doesn’t bother you, then it can certainly work.

Not everyone looks at someone’s level of education as the true measure of whether they can be with that person or not.

Some people value other qualities in a partner more so than whether that partner is just as educated, more educated or less educated than they are.

Now, if you have grown up in an environment where education is a very important factor in who people choose to be with, then it would be natural for you to assume the same of yourself.

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Perhaps you were raised around highly educated people who then went on to get into relationships with people who were just as educated, if not more.

This may have been what you were used to seeing while growing up and thereby, you have also placed a high value in the level of education of the people that you choose to socialize with.

All your friends may have a high level of education.

The job that you do may require a high level of education.

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Hence, your coworkers are also highly educated.

Again, you may have also been raised around highly educated people.

You have highly educated parents, siblings and extended family members.

Thereby, you are just used to being around people who have a high level of education.

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With all of this around you, the idea of being with someone who is less educated than you are may just seem unnatural.

However, the likelihood of a relationship like that working or not truly depends on how much value you place on a person’s level of education when it comes to who you choose to date.

It is important to think for yourself.

Simply because you were brought up around highly educated people doesn’t mean that you have to do as they do.

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You are your own person.

If you feel that you can live with someone who is less educated than you, then you just might be able to.

Remember that when it is all said and done, you are the one who is going to be in a relationship with this person.

Not your parents, siblings, extended family friends or coworkers.

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You are.

If you choose to discard a person that you truly liked because they have less education than you just so that you can fit in with what you have experienced to be the norm in your life, you may end up regretting it.

You have to make sure that who you decide to be with is based off of what you believe will be best for you and only you.

If the fact that this person is less educated is something that you feel that you can never truly accept, perhaps you are better off not being with this person.

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Getting into a relationship with this person in the hopes that you will feel better about them being less educated in time is not advisable.

You will only come to detest the person even more.

You need to think this through and ask yourself two major questions.

Can you look past the fact that this person is less educated and appreciate their other qualities without reservation?

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Are you unable to move past the fact that this person is less educated than you?

If you can’t look past the fact that this person is less educated than you, it may be best not to be with this person.

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