When Family, Friends, And Even Your Pets, Don’t Like Your Potential Partner?

When Family, Friends, And Even Your Pets, Don't Like Your Potential Partner?

The people and pets who love you and are closest to you are your barometers in life, providing both objective and subjective insight into everything, from your romantic relationships to your temperament.

When family, friends, and even your pets, don’t like a potential partner, they are reading red flags you aren’t seeing.

It’s human nature to be so enamored by someone we are dating, we overlook their major flaws.

You are so taken by how good he makes you feel, your mind ignores characteristics and information about him that are red flags.

Family, friends, and yes, even your pet, are entities that are outside of the relationship.

They aren’t as blinded by passion as you are.

Spotting or observing red flags or egregious flaws in a potential partner is so much easier for them, than for someone who is caught up in the euphoria of a potential relationship.

For a moment, ignore the euphoria and pay closer attention to what your family and friends have told you.

When you keep hearing the same criticisms about your potential partner, there must be objective truth in their criticisms.

It means, there is no agenda.

For example, when you keep hearing that they don’t like his rudeness, there is a reason for that.

Undoubtedly, it’s hard for you to see it.

Every time you talk to him or hang out with him, he is nothing short of charming.

This is why you need to extricate yourself from your relationship for a moment and look in with objective lenses.

Yes, he is sweet and respectful to you, but how does he treat other people?

To your face, he has shown politeness to them, but what has he done when you weren’t paying attention or looking in his direction?

How does he behave when he doesn’t realize you are observing him or isn’t aware you are there?

These moments are the real moments.

In these moments, he shows his authentic personality.

Have you been too blinded by passion, to observe him in these moments?

Your family and friends are picking up on something you haven’t put much thought into, being that every time you have been around him, he has been cordial to you and everyone else.

The next time you are with him, pay attention to what he does when he isn’t aware that you are observing him or thinks you have left the room.

You might be surprised at what you discover.

Pets are intuitive.

Don’t ignore how your pet reacts when he is around.

It’s one thing to have a pet that is really picky with who they choose to love.

A potential partner they don’t like isn’t automatically cause for concern.

On the other hand, a pet who loves everyone, whether it be family members, friends or the mailman, is sending a clear message when they avoid showing love to your potential partner whenever he is around.

Though animals don’t talk, they speak to us through their actions and emotions.

Pets detect pheromones and are good judges of character.

A pet who has shown a history of loving everyone and yet doesn’t show love to your potential partner, is detecting pheromones and a character it dislikes.

Heed the warning.

This potential partner wreaks of something unagreeable.


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