Why Would A Guy Continue To Text But Not Reschedule A Cancelled Date?

Why Would A Guy Continue To Text But Not Reschedule A Cancelled Date?This guy may not be entirely sure about whether he wants to go on that date with you.

If he was the one that cancelled the prior date, there is a good chance that he may not have even wanted to go on it.

Regardless of what he told you in terms of why he couldn’t make it to the date, he may actually not have truly wanted to go.

However, he may be continuing to text but not reschedule that cancelled date because he is unwilling to let go of the prospect of going out on a date with you entirely.

He may actually be trying to keep you around as a dating option, but you are not a priority to him.

As long as he continues to text you and you continue to respond, he feels like he still has some kind of connection with you.

Hence, if he were to decide that he actually wants to go on a date with you at some point, he can exercise that option.

However, he hasn’t rescheduled that cancelled date so far because he doesn’t feel the need to exercise that option.

When a guy behaves in this way, there is a good chance that he has other dating options that have a much higher priority than you do.

In fact, that may be why he cancelled the prior date with you.

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Another girl that he is much more interested in may have decided to go out with him at that point and he decided to cancel his date with you so as to honor that particular date.

However, if this is actually what happened, he may not feel as though he is on solid footing with this particular girl.

In other words, he may not feel entirely confident that she likes him.

He may be getting the notion that she isn’t quite as into him as he is into her.

Indeed, she may have already cancelled a few dates on him in the past or it may be difficult for him to get her to commit to seeing him on more dates.

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Hence, he is in a tricky and unstable position.

As a result, he continues to text you because he doesn’t want to completely abandon the idea of going out on a date with you.

He wants to stay on your radar in some capacity so that you don’t forget him.

This way, if he ever decided to just give up on this particular girl, he knows that he has you as another option to go out on a date with.

Again, this kind of behavior indicates that you are not a priority to him.

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His interest in you is nowhere near the level of his interest in this other girl.

If he were to decide to ask you out on a date at some point, that actually wouldn’t necessarily mean that he has come around.

Oftentimes, it only means that he has chosen to exercise this option because someone else that he was much more interested in didn’t work out or hasn’t been working out.

However, the moment that either this person starts showing him more interest or he develops an interest in someone else, he will most likely start cancelling dates on you again.

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