When A Guy Is A Womanizer, Does That Mean That He Can Never Be Faithful?

When A Guy Is A Womanizer, Does That Mean That He Can Never Be Faithful?

Not necessarily.

There are guys who are womanizers who can become faithful.

Oftentimes, the guys who are womanizers that end up becoming faithful have met someone that they aren’t used to.

Guys who are womanizers often have a formula or a method by which they are able to be with lots of women without commitment.

Many of these women often find themselves drawn into a game of desire.

The more unattainable the guy appears, the more desirable he becomes.

It is easy to fall for a guy who makes it appear as though he doesn’t really care about whether you care about him or not.

This is especially true when he has given the woman the impression that there are lots of other women who are vying for his time.

Again, a guy who is a womanizer has a formula.

He knows how to go about getting women to like him without having to commit to them and be faithful.

He is able to get away with this, as long as he continuously interacts with women who fall into his trap.

These are women who keep trying to get his attention or approval.

Unbeknownst to these women, the more they keep trying, the more emotionally invested they become in the guy.

This often leads to an inability or unwillingness to detach from the guy, even though they know that he is a womanizer.

A woman who doesn’t play into what this guy is doing is often the one that this guy will become faithful to.

Sometimes, it actually takes a woman who is a player herself to understand what a male womanizer is up to.

However, you don’t need to be a female player to be able to read on what he is doing, as long as you pay attention to these following clues.

If you come across a guy who is very good with telling you what you want to hear but tends to make himself unavailable to you, you are probably dealing with a womanizer.

If you meet a guy who can be incredibly attentive to you for a certain period of time and then suddenly disappear as he proceeds to give you the silent treatment, you are probably dealing with a womanizer.

If you are interacting with a guy who tends to cancel dates with you, you are probably dealing with a womanizer.

Oftentimes, the way to get these type of men to become faithful to you is by not reacting in the way they expect.

If you have been talking to them for while and they suddenly disappear on you, do not proceed to call them incessantly.

If they have repeatedly cancelled dates on you, do not keep trying to set another one up.

This is how you avoid playing into their hands.

Instead, live your life and have fun.

Talk to other guys and go out with them.

Ignore this womanizer’s texts or phone calls when he finally decides to stop giving you the silent treatment.

Let him make multiple attempts to communicate with you before you decide to respond.

Always have a good number of dates lined up with other guys so that you are never relying on this one guy to honor a date that he has set up with you.

Yes, to some degree, you will have to become a little bit coldblooded.

However, when you do not give this womanizer what he wants in terms of how you react to him, it will make him want to pursue you that much more.

This is often when he starts forgetting about all the other women that he is talking to and only focuses on you.

This is how he becomes emotionally invested in you and ultimately faithful.


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