Rescheduling Dates : How Many Times Before You Call It Quits?

Rescheduling Dates : How Many Times Before You Call It Quits?

When a person keeps rescheduling dates, they are not interested in you.

To reschedule dates over and over again without complying is not a good sign.

It insinuates that this person has activities they are more interested in doing than spending quality time with you.

It means that they have no real respect for your time or you.

There is a strong layer of selfishness when someone continues to reschedule dates and never or rarely follows through.

I know that it’s difficult to accept this person as uncaring and uninterested, especially when you like the person so much.

Notwithstanding, you have to wake up to the reality of your situation.

A good way to do this is to put yourself in the other person’s position.

By constantly rescheduling dates with someone, would you be showing signs of interest or disinterest towards that person?

Be honest with yourself for a moment.

What would it mean if you were the one who was doing the majority of the rescheduling?

This screams that you have no interest or prefer doing better activities with your time.

You reschedule, having no tact, and you don’t know how to go about telling this person you aren’t interested in them.

So you continue rescheduling dates over and over again in the hopes that this person gets tired of it, acknowledges you aren’t interested, and moves on.

Something better has come along and you would rather be a party to that activity than go out with this person, so you reschedule.

Though something better has come along, you aren’t sure what you are up to the following week and you want a backup plan, so you schedule yet another date.

In the back of your mind, you hope that something else comes up that you would rather do than meet this person.

When that happens, you are rescheduling yet again.

You feel like this person has a much higher level of interest than you do, so you reschedule.

You don’t believe that you can match it.

You love the attention this person is giving you.

The attention makes you feel good about yourself.

When you reschedule those dates, you are trying to make the other person feel like there is a chance just so that they keep giving you the attention that you are becoming accustomed to.

You are not quite ready to completely let that person go, not wanting to let go of that attention.

However, the reality is that you truly know that you don’t feel for this person the way that they feel for you.

You know that this whole thing isn’t really going to lead anywhere.

Ultimately, you never make the date or barely make any, knowing this is taking things to a level that means you are just as serious about them as they are you.

Nonetheless, you aren’t.

This is what it is like when you are on the other end of this scenario doing the rescheduling.

If this person has rescheduled more than twice, let them go and move on.

Do not accept anymore attempts at rescheduling.

It is a waste of your time.


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