You Are In A Relationship With Someone Who Has A Fear Of Intimacy

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You Are In A Relationship With Someone Who Has A Fear Of Intimacy

A partner who has a fear of intimacy isn’t unusual.

Take solace in knowing you aren’t alone.

Blaming yourself for your partner’s fear of intimacy is typical.

Thoughts about what is wrong with you prevail within your mind.

You judge yourself and put yourself in uncomfortable situations to assuage your partner.

This pattern of behavior is dangerous.

What follows are various acts of irrationality in your desperate effort to win that partner’s approval and earn their intimacy.

You aren’t the obstacle.

The obstacle normally lies in your partner’s trust issues.

This stems from an unsavory experience they had in the past that affected their self-esteem.

There are a myriad of causes, namely, a previous romantic relationship with someone else, a family dispute or a disagreement with friends.

Circumvent jumping through hoops doing everything in your power to encourage your partner’s intimacy by creating a comfortable enough environment for him to talk to you about his past.

He doesn’t arrive at this intersection without the confidence that you won’t judge him upon revelation of a dreary past.

Guys express themselves freely when they perceive an atmosphere bereft of judgment.

Maintain patience.

Your partner opens up to you at his own pace.

As you remain nonjudgmental, he embraces openness.

This is how you build trust, and it requires patience and a kind temperament.

While in the midst of all this, reassure him about how special he is.

Give him compliments and be thankful.

Never take him for granted.

Once he is safe around you, his guard goes down.

Eventually, he opens up to you and the intimacy in your relationship grows.

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