You Are In A Relationship With Someone Who Has A Fear Of Intimacy

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You Are In A Relationship With Someone Who Has A Fear Of Intimacy

It is not unusual to find yourself in a relationship with someone who has a fear of intimacy.

You may think that this is something unusual or that for whatever reason, you are to blame for this.

The truth is, there are lots of people who get into relationships with people who have a fear of intimacy.

The good news is that this problem is typically temporary as long as you face it in the right way.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they encounter a scenario like this is they begin to wonder what could possibly be wrong with themselves.

They begin to judge themselves and as a result, they start to do things they normally wouldn’t do just to get their partner to open up.

This is a dangerous place to be because you will act irrationally in a desperate attempt to win that partner’s approval and get some intimacy from them.

The issue here isn’t necessarily you.

The issue here often lies in the fact that your partner has trust issues.

This often stems from an experience that they may of had in the past that was unsavory and affected their self-esteem in some way.

This could have been a previous romantic relationship with someone else, a family occurrence or even an issue with friends.

Your job is not to jump through hoops trying to do everything you can think of to try to get this partner to become more intimate with you.

What you should focus on is their past and giving them the opportunity to talk to you about it.

There has to be a very open level of communication.

This partner has to feel like they can be frank and open about their past experiences without the fear of being judged by you.

You will have to be patient.

Avoid trying to solve the problem all at once. Let your partner open up to you at their own pace.

The more they notice how accepting of them that you are, the more likely they will begin to open themselves up and put down their wall.

It’s all about building trust.

It takes patience and a kind temperament.

While in the midst of all this, make sure you always reassure them of how special you think they are.

Give them compliments.

Be thankful. Never take them for granted.

They will eventually allow themselves to open up to you and the intimacy in your relationship will grow.

Once they feel safe around you, they will be able to really let their guard down.

This is when they will want to even share more about how they may be feeling when the both of you are in intimate moments.

This further helps in allowing them to let go of their fear and truly embrace intimacy with you.

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