I’m In Love With My Best Friend, But She Doesn’t Feel The Same. What Do I Do To Cope?

I'm In Love With My Best Friend, But She Doesn't Feel The Same. What Do I Do To Cope?

Accepting that your best friend doesn’t feel the same about you is how you take the first steps in coping.

She is not in love with you.

Unfortunately though, this is the most difficult part for most people to accept.

It’s part of human nature to want what we don’t have and cling to it.

It is tough to accept that a best friend doesn’t love us back, given the history we share with her.

But accepting that she isn’t in love with you is an obligatory step in coping.

Holding on to the hope that your best friend is going to come around and fall in love with you too, keeps you from clearing your head and moving forward in life.

The hope you hold onto tricks you into latching onto something she said or did today that sounded like she was coming around.

For instance, she gives you a bunch of compliments one day and you automatically conclude that this must mean she is falling in love with you.

As long as you haven’t accepted that she isn’t in love with you and won’t be, how you interpret the littlest things she says that sound positive becomes a slippery slope.

Receiving unusually kind or excessively complimentary words from her one day has nothing to do with her falling in love with you.

This is your desperation speaking.

Accept that there isn’t any hope for her falling in love with you and you are ready to take the next step in coping.

This is where you challenge yourself to grow as a person by creating a mission.

These are in the form of taking up new hobbies and challenges.

Choose something you are passionate or curious about and go for it.

The idea is to create different missions.

What are your missions?

Do you want to gain muscle, make new friends, learn how to play a musical instrument, travel somewhere in the world, speak a new language, etc.

These activities facilitate growth in a person through knowledge, physicality and social relationships.

A new mission that you are mentally and physically invested in, uses up a good chunk of your mental energy.

When your mental energy is constantly focusing on achieving that mission, thoughts of your best friend greatly diminish.

A mind and body that is preoccupied with missions, is a mind and body that copes with unrequited love.

Eventually, as time goes on you have developed so much love for what you are doing in your daily to weekly challenges that it usurps the romantic love you have for your best friend.


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