Our Conversations Are A Little Dull

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Our Conversations Are A Little Dull

Then make those conversations interesting by infusing your personality.

Start allowing yourself to open up more to this person.

You have to start revealing more about you and what makes you who you are.

What are you passionate about?

Talk about that.

What do you dream about?

Talk about that.

What are some of your most interesting life experiences?

Talk about that.

Have them give you some of theirs as well.

Perhaps, you may feel like you have talked about just about everything that there is to talk about.

You may feel like you have opened up and shared everything about you.

You may feel like you have told all the interesting stories about yourself that there is to tell.

You may feel like you have told them about some of your amazing dreams.

You may even feel like you have revealed all the things that you tend to be passionate about.

Alright, what you can do then is have new experiences with this person.

Start creating new memories with this person by beginning to engage in new activities together.

Take a chance and try doing something new.

If the both of you tend to go to the same place to see movies, go somewhere new.

If the both of you tend to see the same kind or genre of movies, see a new kind or new genre.

If the both of you tend to hang out with the same people, start making new friends.

You have got to take some kind of real action if you want your conversations to stop being dull.

When you start doing new things in your life that the both of you typically don’t, it will give you something fresh and new to talk about.

This is how you can take those dull conversations and make them a lot more interesting.

It also makes the both of you have something to look forward to.

You may converse about how this new activity is going to unfold.

You may converse about how exciting it will be when the both you go to the nature trail next week for your follow up excursion.

You may talk about investigating this or that place that you saw last time in more detail because you didn’t get the opportunity to do it last week.

Hence, the conversations won’t only be about the event itself but what you are going to do the next time you go to that event.

You may both discover that you really do have a passion for this new activity.

You would have never discovered this passion if you hadn’t taken the time and effort to try something new.

All this excitement creates very fun and engaging conversation that is far from dull.

Hence, you must take a genuine step to try something new in your relationship.

Bring in new people, new activities, new passions that the both of you were not even aware that you had.

When you allow yourself to take risks in this relationship, your conversations will improve.

Even if you were to try something new and it didn’t work out, you would still have something new to talk about.

That, in and of itself, makes for some interesting conversation.

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