Our Conversations Are A Little Dull

Our Conversations Are A Little Dull

Make those dull conversations interesting by infusing your personality into them.

Are you funny?

Infuse humor into your conversations.

Are you sarcastic?

Infuse sarcasm into your conversations.

How about revealing information that has yet been revealed about yourself?

Open up to this person.

What are you passionate about?

Talk about that.

What do you dream about?

Talk about that.

What are some of your most interesting life experiences?

Talk about that.

Get this person to do the same with you too.

Okay, at this point, there is a chance you believe you have infused so much of your personality into conversations and talked about everything there is to talk about.

You have opened up and shared everything about you.

As far as you are concerned, all the interesting stories about yourself that there is to tell, including details about some of your amazing dreams, have been revealed.

You wholeheartedly believe you have done it all.

Alright, what you do then is have new experiences with this person.

Create new memories with this person by doing new activities together.

Take a chance and do something new.

Go to a new place to see movies and watch them in new genres.

Hang out with new people by changing the social venues you frequent or joining new interest groups, and make new friends.

New action that is out of your comfort zone is required to stop dull conversations.

New activities done together gives you fresh topics to talk about.

Introducing new friends into your relationship gives you an outlet to hear new stories and have something new to talk to each other about in your private time with each other.

New activities gives you something to look forward to.

Just the anticipation of partaking in an upcoming activity gives you an interesting conversation, as you speculate on what that experience is going to be like.

Besides new activities and new friends, spice up your conversations by playing trivia.

We live in the world of the internet.

How about you surprise each other every week with coming up with a bunch of questions and answers related to information you have gathered from the internet.

Then have a fun conversation asking each other those trivia questions.

This is a fun and interesting approach to having interesting, fun-filled conversations.

Dull conversations don’t have to be the tenor of your relationship, as long as you are mutually on board to change that and take action.

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