Do We Still Have A Shot?

Do We Still Have A Shot?

It really depends on how the both of you went about interacting and where it all led to.

If you both communicated on a regular basis and identified the problems that you were both having, there may still be a shot or some hope.

In this case, it would be all about the both of you getting together and trying to fix those problems as a team.

However, if your interaction was primarily overwhelmed with arguments or a lack of communication about the issues at hand, you have less of a shot at making this thing work.

So, again, it really just comes down to how the both of you have been responding to this.

The healthy way would be to communicate and pinpoint the areas of difficulty in your relationship.

That being done, a willingness to remedy those issues together would be the healthiest approach.

A strong degree of humility and objectivity is so important in these moments or situations.

When you are both able to come to each other and understand where you both may have gone wrong instead of simply believing that one particular person was to blame for all of this, you will have a much better shot at saving your relationship with this person.

This is possible and the effect of this approach should not be ignored.

Being humble enough to understand this and being objective enough to take your emotions out of the equation and simply focus on what is best to help make things work is so crucial.

You will not have a shot if you are all about playing the victim.

If all you believe is that you were the one who was done wrong and that the other person should be the one apologizing and trying to make things better, you will only exacerbate the situation and you will have much less of a chance of making this work.

You can’t play the victim here even though every fiber of your being believes that you are.

This is where being objective about this whole thing becomes so very important.

When you are objective, you can begin to look back on your relationship with this person almost as though you are outside the situation looking in.

In these moments, you will find it easier to pinpoint or locate moments during your relationship where you may not have been the most understanding or forthright.

There may have been moments where you noticed that there was a problem but you never spoke up at that time.

You never voiced your opinion or disagreement in a healthy and cogent way.

As a result, you allowed the problem to persist without being addressed and it ultimately developed to a much bigger problem.

Thereby, even though you may believe that you are innocent in all of this, the fact that you never even tried to address the issue when it first arose would be a failure on your part to do your job as a partner which is to communicate.

Communication is so key.

When you choose not to do so because you just don’t want to address an issue or you are too upset to do so, you are only making that issue that much stronger.

Hence, in order to tell whether there is still a shot here, you both have to be at a place where you are willing to communicate and address the issues in an objective and humble manner.

Once you follow that up with action to remedy the issues, you will have the best shot at saving this relationship.

You will also be more equipped with how to go about fixing issues that may arise in your relationship in the future.

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