Do I Bring The Girl I’m Seeing Flowers To Her Work?

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Do I Bring The Girl I'm Seeing Flowers To Her Work?

It really depends on how long you have been seeing this girl.

If you have only had a handful of dates with her, you may be better off avoiding bringing flowers to her at work.

She may want to have more time to get to know you and get comfortable with you before she is forced to answer questions from coworkers about who the flowers came from.

This kind of position may be too premature for her.

If she doesn’t want to be placed in this kind of position so early in your relationship with her, you may anger her or just irritate her.

This isn’t something that you should want at this stage.

This is the stage where you are building your rapport together and getting to know each other better.

It is not necessary to make it more than what it is at this time.

Bringing her flowers this early may also make her feel worried that you are trying to imply that the relationship is more than what it is at this time.

In other words, she may feel like you are already trying to claim her as your girlfriend.

This may actually make her feel like you are controlling or even needy.

There is no need to make her feel this way at this time.

If things have been going well between you, just allow that momentum to keep going naturally.

If you were to bring her flowers this early, you may be going against the current of your relationship with her.

You may be forcing it into a particular direction too soon.

You may have already been on the path toward success but you have now messed it up by acting too soon.

I know that you are probably really excited about this girl.

I know that you may have had really great dates with her so far.

However, it is crucial to remember that you never want to get carried away with someone you have just been getting to know recently.

You don’t really know her enough to get this excited about her.

You are still in the getting-to-know-you stage.

The danger of allowing your emotions to get the best of you at this time is that you will tend to create what you believe she is as a person in your mind.

Based on the fact that you have had some great dates with her, you draw the conclusion that she must be the most pleasant or kindest person in the world.

However, you don’t truly know that for sure.

You are making this assumption based on a date or a handful of dates.

She may be something totally different from what you have experienced.

You would need more interaction with her to get to know more of what she is really about.

If you were to allow your current excitement to get the best of you, you may create stories about her in your head that simply aren’t true.

If you were to get into a relationship with her and discover that she wasn’t who you thought she was, you may regret never having given the dating process the time to weed things out.

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