Am I Too Innocent To Date Or Am I Misinterpreting How The Dating World Works?

You are too innocent to date when you are not into socializing or putting yourself out there and taking risks.

Am I Too Innocent To Date Or Am I Misinterpreting How The Dating World Works?This is when you have stayed with the same group of people within your social circle and refused to expand on it.

When you have made little effort to do or attempt an activity that you aren’t used to, you are too innocent to date.

A person senses when you haven’t had much life experience or when you are emotionally closed off.

This is how he judges you.

He judges you on those first impressions, and unfortunately, first impressions are difficult to overcome.

If you have been told by people or previous failed dates that you are too innocent to date, think about the reasons that were given.

Where it seems relevant, act towards making a few changes.

You don’t have to change who you are or what you believe.

Make changes in areas where you believe you are deficient or should improve upon.

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If you have never gotten any feedback as to why these people or previous failed dates felt that you were too innocent to date, take a look at your life.

How similar does everything seem?

When everything is so familiar and there doesn’t seem to be any danger, excitement, or electricity in your life, you are playing it far too safe.

This is not about going out there and risking your life or breaking the law.

It is more about taking chances and getting out of your comfort zone.

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There were moments in your past when you wanted to do an activity that sparked your interest.

You talked yourself out of it because doing it would have put you outside of your comfort zone.

Remember when this moment occurred in your past.

Now is your moment to do this activity in your present.

Let’s say, you were thinking about getting up on stage and reciting a poem, but backed out of it at the last minute.

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This is the time to do it.

You were thinking about traveling to a location that you have always dreamed about going to, but backed out of it when the moment arose.

Start saving up again so that you can go there.

You were thinking about trying out a new hair color or hairstyle, but backed out of it because you weren’t sure about it.

Now is your time to take a chance and go for it.

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If you are nervous about doing any of these things, rest in the knowledge that these activities aren’t meant to last into perpetuity.

Reciting that poem that you wrote isn’t a forever sequence.

It happens, you get offstage, and you are done with it.

Traveling to this place that you have always wanted to go to isn’t a forever occurrence.

You travel there, get the experience, and come back home.

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Changing your hair color or style isn’t permanent either.

You do it, experience it, and go back to the hairstyle you used to have should that be what you want.

The major benefit of these experiences is that they add valuable layers to your character, making you appear seasoned.

This alone re-energizes your life, making you someone who isn’t too innocent to get to know and date.

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