Is Not Having A Facebook Account A Dealbreaker For Girls?

Is Not Having A Facebook Account A Dealbreaker For Girls?

Not necessarily.

Lots of girls are into social media and as a result may have a very high likelihood of having a Facebook account.

However, a guy who doesn’t have a Facebook account isn’t necessarily going to be a deal breaker as long as he is social in other areas.

For instance, instead of using Facebook he may prefer using some other kind of social media like a Snapchat or Instagram.

A girl would typically be okay with this.

Even if he doesn’t use another form of social media for interaction he may still be able to win her over as long as he displays good social skills.

When he has shown these social skills and she is now comfortable around him, she may get to the point where she asks him why he doesn’t have a Facebook account out of curiosity.

She is merely curious as she may believe that he has great social skills already.

So, clearly the most important facet in all of this is to show the girl that you have social skills.

As long as you can carry on a conversation, articulate yourself and socialize, she is content.

She may ask you whether you would be open to starting a Facebook account from time to time just so that she can have the kind of online connection with you that she has with most of her friends.

However, she is not going to press the issue too often.

Also, the age of the girl is important.

The younger she is(under 25) the more likely she would care about the Facebook account question.

Again, this has a lot to do with her peers. It is likely at that age that most if not all of her peers are on Facebook.

People have a herd mentality and this is the age where she would be most prone to peer pressure or wanting to fit in.

Also, something else you should consider is the kind of lifestyle you have.

If you tend to be around girls who are all about posting what they had for lunch on their social media accounts each day or what they are eating, you may be more susceptible to running into girls who may care that you don’t have a Facebook account.

There are some girls who have taken social media to the extreme and feel as though they have to document everything that they do and post it on social media in order to prove to the world that they did it and they have a life.

This kind of girl who needs social media approval may not be the right candidate for you.

She is the type that shares just about everything on social media including details about who she is dating that you may not be entirely comfortable with.

Hence, you may be better off avoiding this kind of girl.

She may not initially look at the fact that you don’t have a Facebook account as a deal breaker because she finds you really attractive, but she may not give it a rest as time goes on and may begin to pressure you to start one.

After all, if you don’t have a Facebook account where you can post photos of the both of you as a couple, the relationship may not be real to the world and thereby not real to her.


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