Is It A Good Idea To Pick Up Girls On Facebook?

Is It A Good Idea To Pick Up Girls On Facebook?

You should learn to socialize with girls both online and off.

Try not to rely on Facebook to pick up girls.

This could be harmful to your ability to pick up girls in general and also affect your social skills.

You get so caught up in doing this that you forget the importance of meeting girls face to face and interacting with them.

Girls often want to hear your voice, see your mannerisms, be a part of your general aura.

This can only really be done when you are face to face with them.

When girls are around you, they will have a better idea of the kind of guy you are.

They will know that you are real and authentic.

The problem with trying to pick up girls on Facebook is that you are using a medium.

This medium is essentially cyberspace.

Anyone can be who they want to be in cyberspace.

Though you think that you know a lot about a particular girl because of all her Facebook posts and photos, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you do.

As I stated earlier, a person can present whoever they want to online.

They can be someone totally different from who they are in real life.

They look different in life from what they look like on Facebook.

It can be tempting to fall into this mode of behavior.

You can become so complacent in adding girls from Facebook to your friends list that you get to the point where you can’t even keep up.

Who among these have you actually started any meaningful conversations with?




You will realize after a while that you aren’t really getting to know these girls that you are trying to pick up on Facebook.

You are just collecting them.

They are also just collecting you.

You haven’t given them any reason to want to get to know you more because you haven’t really engaged with them.

Perhaps you will like their photo or post from time to time but this isn’t meaningful conversation or interaction.

You should be aware of this kind of behavior.

This is the danger you face when you choose to pick up girls through cyberspace.

The internet is an easy medium to collect contacts.

Unfortunately, this is all you would end up doing.

You would be collecting a whole bunch of girl friends for the sake of it.

If you want to use Facebook to pick up girls, you would have to be very focused on who you are interacting with.

You can’t allow yourself to fall into the habit of merely adding friends in the hopes that some come around to liking you.

You have got to socialize the right way and make a girl feel like she would not be wasting her time in getting to know you.

You will have to focus on a particular girl or two.

Give your full attention to them as opposed to spending the majority of your time searching for new girls to add to your friends list.

Spending endless hours searching for new girls to add to your friends list are hours wasted that you could have spent communicating with just the one or socializing with girls outside of Facebook.

If you want to pick up girls on Facebook, do it the right way.

You will need to focus and ensure that you don’t ignore socializing with girls outside of Facebook as well.


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