What Are College Girls Looking For In Guys?

What Are College Girls Looking For In Guys?College girls are varied in what they are looking for in guys.

A lot really depends on what kind of crowd she hangs with and what year she is.

A senior college girl may be more prone to looking for a guy who is about to go out into the real world as well or may already be in it. This is a guy that she can relate to.

She is on the cusp of entering a new phase in her life.

The college days are about to be over and she is about to start taking on new responsibilities.

She is most likely thinking about a professional career and paying off her college loans if she has those.

A girl like this may be looking toward the future.

Thereby, she may want to be with a guy who is looking forward and is either about to embark on the same journey or is already in it.

A freshman or sophomore college girl on the other hand may be more loose with what she is looking for in a guy.

She may still be trying to have the full on college experience and may not necessarily be looking for a particular type of guy.

She may just want to go with what comes her way.

Also, she is still in the process of making new college friends and these friends could have all kinds of personalities and backgrounds.

They may be able to show her elements to life that she has never experienced.

At this stage, she is like a young baby soaking up knowledge and experience with each passing day.

The world to this baby is still relatively new and fresh and it is just acquiring all the knowledge and experience it can handle on a day to day basis.

As I mentioned earlier, a girl at this stage of college may not be necessarily looking for a particular type of guy.

She is open to whatever comes her way because she is still soaking up the college experience and making new friends.

You could end up being the guy she chooses to date simply because you have put yourself in her social circle.

That may be all you really need to do to get the attention of a girl at this stage in her college career.

There are other college girls who may be very specific with the kind of guy they are looking for because this is the kind of guy that they have always dated going as far back as high school or middle school.

These girls are sticklers for that particular kind of guy.

You will find these kind of girls when you notice them hanging around the same kind of crowd.

She may be the studious type who is forever behind her laptop.

You will often see her around other studious girls or in the library.

This is the kind of girl that would most likely be attracted to a college guy just like her.

She was probably with the studious crowd when she was in high school or middle school as well.

When you find a girl who tends to stick with the same kind of crowd or tends to be at the same locations at your college campus, there is a good chance that she would be looking for a guy who has the same kind of values and habits that she has.

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