Why Do I Only Attract Men Who I Don’t Find Attractive At All?

The men that you find attractive have a hard time approaching you, surmising that you are someone who is unapproachable or already in a relationship.

Why Do I Only Attract Men Who I Don't Find Attractive At All?With this perception of you, approaching you opens them up to getting rejected.

Whenever you walk around, your body language is closed off, and this makes these men fearful of taking a chance on approaching.

Your body language isn’t receptive, coming off as though you are better than everyone, and this turns them off.

Be cognizant of your body language around men.

By making little to no eye contact, you make it that much more difficult for a man who is attractive to you to come up and initiate a conversation with you.

When you give the impression that you are too busy and preoccupied with your friends, or too distracted by checking your text messages, an attractive guy struggles with the idea of approaching you.

He struggles to summon up the courage to go and interrupt you while you are on your phone, or interject himself into the conversation you are having with your group of friends.

Having a frown or scowl on your face whenever you are up and about makes it worse for any of these attractive guys to approach you.

This makes you unapproachable.

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Take account of what you are doing with your body language.

Keep in mind that an attractive guy gets a lot of female attention.

Several of these women look at him and smile.

The confident ones approach him.

These are the women he focuses on because they are clearly showing him that they are interested.

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These are women that he is prone to approaching, on account of the interest they are showing him.

A woman that is showing interest through her body language is less likely to reject him.

He doesn’t want to get rejected.

When you don’t show interest or a romantic body language, he doesn’t have to risk rejection in approaching you.

He already gets the attention of a bevy of women, which gives him dating options.

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This leaves you with the unattractive guys who don’t get any attention from women approaching you instead.

The unattractive guy has nothing to lose.

Being that you have a type, you have narrowed the number of men that you would be attracted to.

With this unwavering preference for a specific type that you find attractive, you cut out a majority of men who don’t fit your type.

There are only so many men who fit what you consider to be attractive.

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And these men already get a lot of attention from women, and several of them are already in relationships.

Opening your mind to men who don’t fit the mold of what you find attractive is beneficial.

The guy that is your type is in short supply.

Once you open yourself up to different types of men, it isn’t unreasonable that you discover attractive qualities about these men that you weren’t expecting.

If you insist on wanting to attract the type that you like, there has to be a change in your behavior.

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Improve your body language by making it inviting to the men you are attracted to, and be proactive in approaching these men.

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