Why Do I Only Attract Men Who I Don’t Find Attractive At All?

Why Do I Only Attract Men Who I Don't Find Attractive At All?

Perhaps the men who you would find to be attractive feel that you are unapproachable.

Some men do worry about being rejected.

If you are always walking around with a body language that is closed off, these men may not want to take that chance on you.

You may not be receptive to them and may often come off as though you are better than it all and that can turn them off.

So you need to be cognizant of your body language around men.

If you are making little to no eye contact, you will make it that much more difficult for a man who may be attractive to you to come up and start a conversation with you.

If you always seem like you are busy with your friends or checking your text messages, an attractive guy may find it difficult to summon up the courage to go and interrupt you while you are on your phone or interject himself into the safety net of your group of friends.

If you tend to have a frown or scowl on your face whenever you are up and about, an attractive guy may also feel uneasy trying to talk to you.

So you do have to understand what you are doing with your body language.

Also understand that an attractive guy most likely gets quite a bit of female attention.

In other words, he would be more prone to getting women look his way, smile at him and even approach him in some fashion.

These are the women he will typically focus on because they are clearly showing him that they are interested.

He would apply most of his efforts into interacting with these women and would be less willing to take a chance on you when he has other options that are clearly showing him that they are interested in him.

Yes, believe it or not, an attractive guy often has the advantage of having options.

If you don’t try to show interest or a willing exterior, he doesn’t have the need to try to get your attention because he gets enough attention from other girls.

Hence you are stuck with the guy you find unattractive approaching you because he has nothing to lose.

Another reason why you may only be attracting men that you don’t find attractive could be because you are stuck on a particular look that you believe to be attractive.

You may be unwavering in this belief that there is only one kind of look that can appeal to you.

When you are only stuck on one kind of look, you really cut off your options.

Only so many guys are going to have that kind of look.

There are only so many of them to go around and oftentimes they will already be taken.

If you are all caught up in what’s fashionable to date because you are trying to keep up with the kind of guys that your friends are dating or what you see in media, you may have to start opening your mind to other kinds of looks.

Again, if you are so focused on a particular kind of look on a guy, you narrow your options and that kind of guy will often be in short supply.

Hence, you do need to understand that you can expand your criteria and get to a reasonable result.

There may be elements about a guy that you haven’t allowed yourself to realize that you may like.

Once you start opening yourself up to these elements, you may come to realize that there is a lot more to your tastes in guys than you knew existed.

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