What’s The Best Way To Attract A Guy’s Attention?

What's The Best Way To Attract A Guy's Attention?

One of the best ways to attract a guy’s attention is to show interest in his interests.

It sets you apart when he realizes that you may have the same passion for something that he has.

It sets you apart when he notices that you have quite a bit of knowledge about it.

This can be so appealing.

Hence, it would be a good idea for you to start finding out where his interests are.

Once you find them out, you will know if there are any that you share with him.

Even if you don’t have any that you necessarily share, you could still learn more about some that catch your attention.

Once you acquire more knowledge about them, you will be more equipped to talk to him about them.

This would really attract his attention as you would be talking about something that he loves.

Another great way to attract a guy’s attention is to make eye contact.

Yes, eye contact is very important.

Many guys look for cues from girls to move in on them.

They look for sustained and continuous eye contact.

Unfortunately, many girls find it hard to look at the guy that they like.

When they are shy, they may try to steal looks at him but won’t establish eye contact.

The moment he is about to lock eyes with them, they turn away.

You can’t be like this.

As I mentioned earlier, lots of guys look for cues from girls in order to make them feel confident enough to move in and talk to the girl.

This has to be something that you are cognizant of.

Lots of girls make the mistake of avoiding eye contact with the guy that they like because they are shy or insecure.

They consequently make the guy feel like she doesn’t have any interest in him, so he moves on.

Meanwhile, she is left wondering why he is talking to other girls instead of her.

That is because those other girls showed interest through eye contact and attracted his attention.

Without a doubt, eye contact is one of the best ways to attract a guy’s attention.

Once you give him sustained and continuous eye contact, he will feel encouraged to move in and talk to you.

Another great way to attract a guy’s attention is to become well known.

In essence, expand your social circles.

Start making new friends and improving your relationships.

This may mean that you begin to engage in new activities that will expose you to a lot more people.

You begin to do things that are outside of the norm when it comes to your social life.

You may go to new places to hang out just so that you can meet new people.

You may become a lot more active on social media so that you can get your name out there.

Once you begin to become more well known, you will begin to build a reputation.

He may ultimately learn about you from a friend or acquaintance.

He may hear some good accounts about you.

This may make him curious about you and want to learn more.

Your reputation and popularity has won his attention.

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