Being Strung Along. What Do I Do?

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Being Strung Along. What Do I Do?

Make a conscious decision to stop this process of being strung along by this person.

This person who is stringing you along clearly doesn’t care about what you are going through mentally.

When you are dealing with someone who is stringing you along, they are often thinking more about themselves than about anyone else.

They believe that they can continue misleading you in making you feel like you have a chance because they may enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that they get by knowing that you like them so much.

Some people can totally feed off this kind of reception.

It is an enormous boost to their ego.

It helps to shroud any insecurities that they may have as a person because they know that you like them and you are willing to do so much just to be with them.

This kind of person will only take and rarely give back.

This is not the kind of person you should stay with or place all of your romantic hopes on.

Most people in your situation who are being strung along end up hurt and mentally broken.

This is because they often don’t end up with the person that they have been doting on and desiring all this time.

After that person has had their fill of you, they more than likely will spit you out and move on to the next person.

Unfortunately, you are left heartbroken and confused.

The damage to you psychologically could negatively affect how you approach relationships in the future and how you deal with romantic emotions.

This is why you should make a conscious decision today to let this person who is stringing you along go.

Just let them out of your life.

Get rid of their number.

Stop taking their phone calls.

Stop hanging around them.

You already know what they are about.

They have already shown you how callous and uncaring they are about your feelings.

They have strung you along because they knew they could.

They knew that they could exert this kind of power over you and have their way.

Your task is to take that power back.

You can do it.

Think about it this way.

No one who truly cares about you and wants to be with you would want to string you along.

Yes, initially, there may be a game of flirting and seduction but eventually you come together.

That is how it works.

Being strung along for a lengthy period of time is an indication that this person is not serious about you and they are enjoying the kind of power and ego boost that you give them.

Once you take this away from them, well, they have nothing.

They may have absolutely no idea what to do with themselves.

In time, they may even come to regret what they did and come crying back to you.

However, you won’t take them back because you would have moved on in life.

Perhaps you would even be in a real relationship at that point with someone who didn’t string you along.

Let go of this person who is stringing you along right now and move forward with your life.

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