How Do You Get Over Being A Rebound?

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How Do You Get Over Being A Rebound?

Being a rebound can be a very painful thing to deal with.

This is especially true if you had real feelings for the person that did this to you.

In order to get over it, you should first and foremost acknowledge your value to yourself and to people at large.

You really need to focus on this and put out real effort.

You should look at all that makes you uniquely you and be thankful for it.

Yes, you should be thankful for you and for being you.

You should look into your past and find moments when you have brought more value either into your own life or into someone else’s.

You should take a moment and allow all that to sink in.

You will soon realize that you have a lot greater value than you think you may at this very moment.

Being that you were simply a rebound, it can be so easy to surmise that you have little value.

You place so much of your validity on what this other person thought of you.

This other person who used you as a rebound has now shown their true traits and you feel like your self-esteem has demolished.

You take this personally.

Remember that this person, though you may have liked them, is not the determiner of your value.

Only you and your past experiences are.

The point here is that you have to take back your power.

Many people who go through this, give that other person too much power.

Thereby, they make it more difficult for them to get over the fact that they were that person’s rebound.

You have to take that power back.

You will see those moments where your value to yourself and others was priceless and helpful.

You will begin to feel good about yourself again.

Once you begin to feel good about yourself again, you have taken back that power and it will be a lot easier for you to get over being a rebound and move on with your life.

This helps you move in a positive direction.

You would be able to take the lessons that you have learned from this experience to help better your approach to dating and relationships into the future.

Thereby, do retain the information that you are gaining because they also help to build your character.

Building your character helps to make you feel better about yourself and thereby give you more of a sense of worth and purpose.

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