How Do You Get Over Being A Rebound In A Relationship?

Being a rebound is a painful experience to endure, and this is especially true when there were authentic feelings for the person that did this to you.

How Do You Get Over Being A Rebound In A Relationship?Getting over it requires you value yourself.

Everything that is uniquely you has to be acknowledged and you need to show gratitude for that.

Yes, you are thankful for you and for being you.

You look into your past and find moments when you have brought more value either into your own life or into someone else’s.

Have a moment, as it sinks in.

You realize you have greater value than you ever knew.

Many people experience being a rebound and surmise they have little value, placing so much of their validity on what this other person thought of them.

This other person who used you as a rebound has now shown their true traits and your self-esteem is demolished.

It is personal.

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Remember that this person, regardless of how much you like them, doesn’t determine your value.

Exclusively you and your past experiences determine your value.

Reclaim your power.

Many people who go through this, give that other person too much power, making it more difficult for them to get over the reality that they were a rebound.

Remember how valued you are to yourself and to others.

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In feeling good about yourself anew, your power is back.

The lessons you have learned about being a rebound aren’t lost to history.

You have grown from this experience, which lends a helping hand to a much better future in romantic relationships.

Getting over a rebound is doable.

Reclaiming your power is the key.

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You have so much more internal fortitude than you realize.

Value yourself and the recovery follows.

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