Should I Wish My Ex a Merry Christmas? Is That A No-Go?

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Should I Wish My Ex a Merry Christmas? Is That A No-Go?You should understand why you want to wish your ex a Merry Christmas.

You may tell yourself that you are simply being kind and jovial.

However, you may want to do this because you are still in love with your ex. You may be hoping that by wishing your ex a Merry Christmas, you will somehow get back into his thoughts and have an impact.

You may hope that he will realize just how much he misses you and will decide to make up with you.

You do have to recognize this.

There is typically an ulterior motive behind all this.

If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to determine if there truly is.

Look back on how you have been behaving the last few weeks.

Has your ex been a constant part of your thoughts?

Have you found yourself unable to interact with others without thinking about him?

Has it felt like there has been something missing in a major way in your life?

Have you felt sad when you have thought about him because you were missing him?

These are all signs that you have never gotten over your ex.

You will need to come to terms with these feelings.

Sending your ex a Merry Christmas isn’t going to truly change how you feel inside.

Sure, you may get a temporary boost of excitement when you do it.

You may wonder how he will respond. You may wait in anticipation and hope.

However, he may not give you the response that you are hoping for.

The main purpose behind why you would do this may be because you want that response from your ex.

You are not only thinking about sending him a simple Merry Christmas, you are actually hoping for a response.

That is the real reason why you would do this in the first place.

You hope that he responds and in that response you may be hoping that there will be an opportunity to reconnect.

What happens if he doesn’t respond to your Merry Christmas wish?

You will be unhappy.

You may have convinced yourself that it would mean nothing to you if he didn’t respond but quite frankly, that isn’t true.

Now what?

You are even more unhappy because he didn’t respond.

Even if he were to respond, what do you honestly think he will do?

You think he will suddenly forget the breakup and welcome you back with open arms?

Perhaps you think that the Christmas cheer and goodwill of the season will sway him back to you.

Even if he were to respond in a surprisingly positive manner, it may be because he is responding to the Christmas spirit and nothing more.

Once the Christmas season is over, he may go right back to how it has been since the breakup.

In conclusion, you have to truly start dealing with your emotions and how you are handling this breakup.

You have to start moving on with your life.

A new year is upon you.

Look at it as an opportunity to meet new people and start new exciting relationships.

You should let your ex go and avoid wishing him a Merry Christmas.

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