I Know He’s In A Relationship, Should I Stop It?

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I Know He's In A Relationship, Should I Stop It?

Well, if he is in a relationship, he may stay in it.

Whatever kind of interaction you are having with him is not necessarily going to lead where you want it to.

You really have to ask yourself what your end goal is.

If you are talking to him because you are hoping that he leaves his girlfriend, that may never happen.

As long as he stays with his girlfriend, he is showing that he has no true intention to leave her.

The danger of continuing to talk to this guy and having romantic intentions is that you may invest a lot of your time and emotion on a pointless goal.

When you are talking to a guy who is already in a relationship, you already know where his heart is.

Sure, you may assume that he likes you.

After all, you have very good conversations with him and he always seems to care about what you have to say.

You may feel like there is very good chemistry between you.

He may even flirt with you often. However, all of this doesn’t change the fact that he is in a relationship.

If he truly wanted to be with you, he would have ended his relationship a while ago.

In fact, the moment he felt that he wanted out of his relationship and simply start focusing on you, he may have even told you that he was done with his relationship.

He would have done this to allow you to see that his focus was now going to be on you and you can now start opening yourself up even more to him.

However, he has not ended his relationship and you have been talking to him for a while now.

What does that tell you?

That typically means that he has no interest in ending his relationship and being with you.

He is clearly showing you through his actions that he is quite happy where he is at.

It doesn’t matter what he has told you up until now. It doesn’t matter if the impression that he has given you is that he wants out of his relationship or he finds you so much more interesting.

It really doesn’t.

What matters the most is his actions.

So far, he hasn’t taken any real strides to end his relationship.

This means that his heart is most likely with his girlfriend.

If you allow yourself to get sucked in to believing that there is more to your interaction with him than is really there, you may be opening yourself up to a lot of heartache and disappointment.

I know that it can be really difficult to avoid thinking about how amazing you think your chemistry is with him.

I know that you feel like you two would be so good together.

However, if you don’t stop this now, you may end up so emotionally demoralized that it affects how you approach future dating prospects or relationships.

You are better off stopping this.

Look elsewhere or simply focus on building your own life for the moment and being fulfilled there.

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