Is It Too Soon To Accept A Gift Like This?

Is It Too Soon To Accept A Gift Like This?

If you don’t feel comfortable accepting the gift, you don’t have to.

It may feel too soon to you.

You may not feel like the relationship is at the right stage for this kind of gift.

If this is truly how you feel, you shouldn’t feel bad about turning it down.

Perhaps you have only been on a handful of dates with this guy. You may still be very much in the beginning stages of building chemistry and rapport.

Hence, you believe that it is too soon.

Perhaps you believe that you will get there at some point but you are not feeling it right now.

If this is the case, you can simply tell him that you are flattered but you don’t feel comfortable accepting the gift at this time.

If he truly likes you, he will understand this and respect your wishes.

Something else that you do need to consider is how you truly feel about this guy.

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Do you truly like him in a romantic sense?

Are you truly interested in him?

Sometimes a person can believe that they are into someone because they think that they are supposed to feel that way.

Perhaps he has been very kind to you.

Thereby, you may feel like you owe him your time.

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There may be a part of you that feels like you would be the worst person in the world if you didn’t continue talking to him.

This can be a very dangerous place to be.

You shouldn’t act like you feel something for him that you don’t.

You would only be leading him on and putting yourself in a very difficult position.

People often believe that by continuing to interact with a person that they don’t really care for but are doing so out of kindness, they may start caring at some point.

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They hope that this feeling eventually manifests itself.

However, it rarely does if real interest wasn’t there from the start.

Hence, you do need to be honest with yourself about how you truly feel about this guy.

Are you only talking to him because you want to be nice and hope that you will eventually feel a spark?

Are you talking to him out of necessity?

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These are not the right kind of approaches.

You should strongly consider ending all this interaction if you are using this approach.

The gift in the end may not even be the issue.

The issue may be that you don’t truly like this guy.

Something else you should consider about this gift is the fact that he may be offering it to you this early because he believes that it is what will get you to start truly liking him.

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In other words, he may believe that this is his best avenue to your heart.

This typically means that you may not have given him enough to believe that you are truly into him.

If indeed you are into him, you may have to bolster your energy level and how often you initiate interaction so that he doesn’t feel like he has to resort to giving you gifts in order to gain your interest.

Doing this alone may be enough to stop him from constantly trying to win you over with gifts.

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