Should I Text Him Again? How To Fix This?

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Should I Text Him Again? How To Fix This?

If you have already texted him a number of times, you shouldn’t text him again.

He has received your texts.

Your best option is to leave it at that.

You have to give him the time to think this through for himself.

The more you text him, the more you may be pushing him away.

He may have even started coming to terms with how he truly feels about you when you texted him yet again.

This text may have upset him and made him stop the process.

Now, you are back to square one again.

You don’t want to keep putting him in this position.

Give him the time to figure out how he feels and what he truly wants.

To send him incessant texts would only make him feel like you are desperate for an answer.

This doesn’t make you look good.

A guy typically wouldn’t see a desperate girl as much of a catch.

I know it can be hard to control yourself at this time because you want an answer so badly, but you must.

Sometimes, guys require some time to be in their own head in order to know what they want.

They are not always as connected to what they may desire as a girl is.

They also find it harder to put how they are feeling into words and express themselves.

This is the time he may need to gather his thoughts, figure himself out and know how to put his feelings and intentions into words that you will understand.

The other danger is how your mind can make you create something that really isn’t there.

In other words, when you wonder about how to fix this, you may be making assumptions about how he truly feels.

This is dangerous.

You have no real idea how he truly feels because he may still be trying to figure that out himself.

When you start making these kind of assumptions, you can easily make the wrong assumption.

By making the wrong assumption, you may act in a way that is totally contradictory to how he actually feels.

In essence, you would be playing judge and jury.

You would try to do something that you believe will impact him in the direction that you want him to go when in fact he may be of a totally different mindset.

Making assumptions is something that you should avoid at all costs.

You wouldn’t be fixing anything if all you are doing is taking assumptive action.

Do your best to avoid getting carried away with where you want this to go or how you want things to be.

A relationship is a two way street.

No matter how much you want it to happen, you would still need someone who is just as willing at the other end.

You can’t force him to feel a way that he doesn’t.

He has to act willingly for this to work.

Even if he were to come along reluctantly because you have forced the issue, he will falter at some point and give up.

This isn’t the position you should want him to be in.

He needs to come at this from a place of willingness.

Don’t text him again. Let him text you instead.

If he doesn’t, you have gotten your answer.

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