Is It Bad To Keep Talking To My Ex If I Am In A Relationship?

Is It Bad To Keep Talking To My Ex If I Am In A Relationship?

It really depends on your mindset.

If you are talking to your ex in a way that suggests you haven’t gotten over him, it is bad and can be dangerous.

You would be talking to him in a way that would suggest that you may be able to get back together at some point.

You would be putting yourself and your relationship in a very vulnerable position when you have this approach.

You would be showing that you aren’t taking your relationship seriously.

In essence, you would be using your relationship as a back-up to what you really want.

What you really want may be your ex.

However, you choose to stay in your relationship because you don’t want to be without someone.

Once the opportunity presents itself with your ex, you may easily give in to cheating.

This is not a healthy position to be in.

If you still feel like you are connected to your ex emotionally and you never got over him, you shouldn’t stay in the relationship that you are currently in.

This isn’t fair to the person that you are in a relationship with.

This person may care a whole lot for you and may have a lot of aspirations as to where the relationship is leading.

You do have to come to terms with your feelings about your ex right now.

If you are flirting with your ex when you speak to him the majority of the time, you are still emotionally connected to him and may want something more.

Consistent flirting can be dangerous because it could lead to action.

All it will take is an invite from your ex to hang out or talk.

You may tell yourself that it will be harmless, after all, you are in a relationship with someone else.

So, you go.

However, while you are there, you realize just how much you miss your ex.

You observe his mannerisms and his body language.

It takes you back to familiar territory from your past relationship.

You remember how much you used to love his smile or the slight cockiness of his demeanor.

You remember how much you loved how he would lean into you from time to time and give you that look.

All of it starts coming back.

This meeting that you thought would be harmless has suddenly become a lot more.

Soon, your emotions are getting the best of you and you give in.

You cheat with this ex.

After it is done, you may try to make yourself feel better by simply telling yourself that you got carried away and it will never happen again.

However, you are now thinking about your ex a lot more often even when your current partner is around.

This is the danger you can put yourself in when you allow yourself to keep talking to an ex that you still have romantic feelings for.

Decide where you stand emotionally with this ex.

If you can’t let him go, you should end your current relationship before it gets too far in and focus on dealing with your emotions.

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