Is It Normal To Be Nervous About Your New Girlfriend Going Away For A Week?

Is It Normal To Be Nervous About Your New Girlfriend Going Away For A Week?

It is normal to be nervous about your new girlfriend going away for a week.

Often, this is due to the fact that the relationship is so new.

This may be the first time that your new girlfriend is going away.

You may have been building on your relationship and now there is going to be a hiatus.

Hence, you may get nervous.

You may start thinking in a number of ways.

Is she still going to be my girlfriend when she gets back?

Will she completely forget about me while she is gone?

Will she meet someone else?

Will she miss me or not?

Will I cross her mind?

Will she still communicate with me?

How soon should I contact her?

You will come up with a lot of questions. You don’t have the answers to them because you can’t predict how things will go.

You should be very cognizant of the fact that your mind will most likely start making you doubt your relationship with her by throwing all kinds of questions at you.

Whenever you notice that these questions are prevalent in your mind, you need to stop them and focus on other things.

You can’t allow this kind of doubt and anxiety to build up.

If you were to let it build up, you could end up doing something that will jeopardize your relationship with her.

Out of anxiety, you may start sending her too many messages.

It may get to the point where she begins to feel like you can’t spend a day without her.

She may feel like you are being too needy and may get turned off as a result.

You may not even realize what you are doing because she may respond to your initial messages and this in turn encourages you to continue messaging.

However, you don’t realize that as time has gone on, you have been too nosy and overbearing.

She is now taking a little longer to respond to the messages.

Meanwhile, you are wondering why she hasn’t responded to your last message.

It has been a few hours. So, you send another one, then another one, then another.

Eventually, she is not responding at all.

Now, you are absolutely worried and nervous.

Why isn’t she responding?

This is the point, you may wonder what the status of your relationship is.

This is the kind of behavior you need to avoid before it starts. Starting it could lead to the scenario I have just described.

Being that the relationship is so new and a strong emotional bond is yet to fully develop, it would be a lot easier for her to end everything if she notices behavior that seems too needy.

You need to rest assured that your relationship will be the same when she returns.

You need to focus on yourself and getting yourself occupied during this time.

Focus on what makes you happy.

Focus on being a good friend to your friends.

Focus on working on that hobby that you have been ignoring.

Do whatever you can to keep yourself from thinking about your girlfriend who is away for a week.

This will help the week to fly by. Before you know it, she is back and you can continue from where you left off.

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