Where Can You Find Guys?

Where Can You Find Guys?

Guys tend to hang out at sports events.

It could be at the physical location of the sports event or at a gathering to watch that event.

If you have any guy friends, don’t be afraid to ask them if it would be okay for you to come along to a sports event or gathering.

Your guy friends may actually react in a very positive way to this.

Being open to doing this will expose you to a lot more guys who may be at the sports event or gathering.

A good thing about this is that you more than likely won’t have very much competition from other girls in this environment.

This means that you will stick out.

When a guy notices that you are in this environment he may start looking at you as a person he would love to learn more about.

You are there with the rest of them, having fun and playing along.

All of this can make a guy feel like you are someone they can talk to and enjoy being around.

There is already something in common to talk about and you are different because he may not be used to seeing too many girls at events or gatherings like this.

This is a position you should want to be in.

This is where you can really shine and get a lot more attention from guys than you would in a place where there is more competition with other girls around.

You can also find guys in your day to day life.

Yes, there are guys there too.

You may need to start working on your body language when you are in public.

Try to start observing more of your environment.

Don’t be afraid to establish eye contact with guys and smile.

You may not be doing this at all.

You may be the kind of girl that always avoids eye contact with guys when you are out in public.

Well, if you keep doing this, most guys will feel like you aren’t approachable.

Think about how often you are around guys in your daily life.

You are probably around guys a lot more than you realize.

There are guys when you go the grocery store, library, department store, local restaurant, etc.

If you were to observe your environment, you would notice them.

When you do, make eye contact and smile.

That honestly may be all you need to get a guy interested in walking over to you and talking to you.

You can also find guys at your local gym.

If you are not much of a gym person, you don’t have to become one.

However, there is more to the gym than weights and cardio.

Oftentimes a gym may have special classes for kickboxing, cycling, swimming, etc.

If you have an interest in any of these, you can partake in one or more of these classes.

There would be guys there too.

Guys can also be found at social events that center around socializing with the opposite sex.

These aren’t always night clubs.

There are speed dating events where you will find guys.

The local bars may have a happy hour where drinks are half off.

You will find guys here too.

Oftentimes, the local radio station may host an event that attracts guys and girls alike.

These are all ways that you can find guys.

To get what you want, you have to be proactive in some way.

You can’t keep sitting back hoping a guy drops on your lap.

You have to take some action.

Whether it be in changing your body language or going to an event, you should take an active role in order to get what you want.

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