If I Have A Lot Of Girls That Are Friendly Towards Me, Does That Mean They Would Date Me?

To get a better idea, watch their body language when they are being friendly towards you.

If I Have A Lot Of Girls That Are Friendly Towards Me, Does That Mean They Would Date Me?Girls who are smiling at you a lot and flirting with you, want to date you.

When they flirt with you a lot, give you copious compliments, and touch you frequently, they want to date you that much more.

Notwithstanding, you have to make moves.

The danger a number of guys in your position make is in procrastination and in not being aggressive.

A girl is only be friendly and flirty with you for so long.

When you don’t return her energy and make a real move to get to know her or ask her out on a date, she quickly loses romantic interest.

This is why you have to make more aggressive steps if you want to date these girls.

You can easily fall into the friend category with these girls when you don’t act.

Girls give out signs to show they are interested in you.

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As I mentioned earlier, when they are friendly and smile your way often, without you doing anything to earn that smile, she wants to go out on a date with you.

Take those hints and make the next move.

Most girls are not going to give you everything.

They want to be chased.

They want you to get the point and start playing along.

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She wants you to flirt back and return her compliments.

Most importantly, she wants you to ask her out on a date.

She won’t be the one to do it.

She wants you to do it.

Do what needs to be done and avoid getting too caught up in analyzing these girls.

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This is a mistake that a lot of guys make.

They overanalyze or overthink, as they belabor trying to figure out the girl.

The more you ponder, the more time you waste.

Don’t be afraid to make an aggressive move by asking out one or more of these girls.

This is what they are waiting for.

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Make it a point to ask out the next girl you have this experience with.

Instead of nodding your head at her or looking away, start a conversation with her.

Use her body language as your guide while you converse.

A girl who is continuously leaning into you or preening by fiddling with her handbag or clothing, is waiting on you to ask her out at that moment.

Do it.

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Once this first one is out of the way, it is much easier for you to ask the next girl out.

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