Is It Weird To Date Your Neighbor Or Is This Inappropriate?

It isn’t weird to date your neighbor, as long as you do it with the right mindset.

Is It Weird To Date Your Neighbor Or Is This Inappropriate?Neighbors that date each other isn’t unheard of, and happens a far more frequently than you think.

You see this neighbor everyday or on a relatively consistent basis.

You get accustomed to this.

Over time, there is a familiarity and a sense of security that develops.

Without having spoken to this neighbor on a deeper level, there is a sense that you know this neighbor.

You feel closer to this neighbor than you do with the people you work with.

This neighbor didn’t deceptively snatch that promotion you were gunning for at work from you.

This neighbor hasn’t spread rumors about you around the office.

This neighbor hasn’t gotten into your work emails and looked up information that they had no business looking up.

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In some ways, this neighbor is perfect.

Whether you see them regularly or from time to time, they wave at you with a smile.

They greet you whenever they see you.

Sometimes, your mail accidentally finds its way into their mailbox and they are kind enough to bring it over to your place.

Every so often, they ask you about how your day went in passing.

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On occasion, they compliment your car as you drive off or your lawn as you return home.

With such positive encounters, your mind goes on overdrive, creating a visual picture of how ideal this neighbor would be as a partner.

This is what happens when you have a neighbor you don’t know well, but get to see on a daily or weekly basis.

Your mind fills in the gaps.

You wonder whether the person you sometimes see with your neighbor is a roommate or a significant other.

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Subconsciously, you hope that this person is purely a roommate and nothing more.

You aren’t wholly aware you are thinking this.

This leads to wondering whether this neighbor is dating anyone.

After all, they seem so friendly and kind.

You wonder what they do for a living.

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All these questions slowly assail your mind.

These thoughts grow in potency whenever you have had a bad day and your neighbor puts a smile on your face by being friendly when you arrive home.

Subconsciously, you fill in more gaps.

Where is this neighbor from?

How long ago was their previous relationship?

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Where do they hang out on the weekends?

What kind of friends do they have?

The more you ask questions and fill in the gaps with your own assumptions, this neighbor becomes a stubborn constant in your mind.

Then one day, you realize that you like this neighbor.

You don’t know when that moment occurred, but you can’t deny that while you go about your day, you are obsessively thinking about this neighbor.

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You are curious about what they are doing and whether they are thinking about you at that precise moment.

This is when most people take their relationship with their neighbor to the next level.

You are suddenly bringing over that bottle of wine or apple pie and asking whether they care for some.

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