I Want To Put Off Dating Until I’m Financially And Professionally Stable. Is This A Good Decision?

Putting of dating until you are financially and professionally stable isn’t necessary or an absolute must.

I Want To Put Off Dating Until I'm Financially And Professionally Stable. Is This A Good Decision?That being said, create a balance.

When you are solely intent on becoming financially and professionally stable, you lose out on several dating opportunities.

There are girls and guys who admire this amount of hard work.

She might be on the same path, working hard towards reaching a financial and professional goal.

She wants to share this journey with you while she dates you.

You already have something to relate to, given how driven you both are.

Listen, I comprehend why you feel that you should put off dating until you are financially and professionally stable.

You believe that this makes you more appealing when you are finally ready to date.

You feel that by being financially and professionally stable, you are that much more of a catch.

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In some ways, you are right.

The problem with this approach when it is taken too far is that you don’t have the confidence to talk to girls by the time you have reached financial and professional stability.

You have spent so much time working on your financial and professional goals that you have no idea how to keep a conversation going with a girl.

No matter how financially or professionally successful you are, most quality girls want to have a great interaction with you.

She wants to feel those butterflies when you talk to her, knowing that you can take a joke, have a personality, and she can be comfortable enough around you to let her guard down.

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When she senses that all you have to offer in conversation are all of your financial and professional accomplishments, she is turned off by this.

She doesn’t want to date a robot. She wants to date an interesting human being.

Appeal to her personality and her sense of wonder.

Telling her how many advanced degrees you have or how much money you have in the bank or even how high up you are on the corporate ladder isn’t going to do this.

If you are looking for a quality girl that is.

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I am assuming you are.

You can always find the girls who are strictly attracted to the success and money, but I don’t believe that those are the caliber of girls you are looking for.

Be open to dating casually.

Interacting with your dates enables you to keep your social skills up to date, giving you some new and interesting perspectives on the opposite sex.

It is better to have a balance.

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You don’t have to dedicate yourself to a full out relationship with someone.

By continuing to date, even if it is only casually, you stay fresh and sociable.

This way, when you are ready to start dating on a serious level, you haven’t skipped a beat.

You still have the social skills and confidence required to approach girls and keep a conversation going.

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