Should I Snapchat My Ex Back?

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Should I Snapchat My Ex Back?

You have to come to terms with how you truly feel about your ex.

If you are thinking about snapchatting him back, why?

Do you still care for your ex?

Do you still want to have a relationship with your ex?

What are you feeling and thinking?

Come to terms with that first.

If you truly feel like you want to get back with your ex, you should find out what your ex’s intentions are.

The danger of snapchatting your ex back is that this may become a habit that ultimately leads nowhere.

You snapchat your ex back, he snapchats back at you, back and forth you go with no end game.

Perhaps you think that he will come around to getting back with you as long as you keep snapchatting back.

This isn’t necessarily the case because he may respond to you snapchatting him with even more snapchats.

However, he doesn’t go any further than that.

Meanwhile, you are thinking about all this and wondering whether things will go any further.

The more you snapchat him or respond to his social media messages, the more you believe that maybe this relationship will come back and you will both date again.

This means that you will begin to devote a lot of your emotional energy to this process.

You may even put other dating prospects on hold simply because you think that your ex is going to come back to you.

Again, this is all a waste of your time and emotion.

What is the end game here?

What do you truly want out of all this if you were to snapchat your ex back?

Again, as I mentioned earlier, you really have to come to terms with what you really want.

If you want him back, you will have to open a dialogue with him about that and find out what his true intentions are.

This enables you to know if the both of you want the same thing.

It is so important to determine this beforehand.

We are only talking about your heart, your time and your emotions here.

Big deal right?

Yes, they are a big deal.

This guy is your ex for a reason.

Why open yourself up to more hurt if his intentions do not match with your own?

That being said, if you merely want to have your ex as a platonic friend or acquaintance in your life, this is a different story.

Responding to his snapchat would be platonic.

Hence, there may be no harm to it.

However, it is unlikely that you only look at your ex as a platonic relationship.

There is normally more that goes with it.

Yes, you may tell yourself that you want nothing more than a platonic relationship, but is that really true?

Think about it long and hard and be honest with yourself.

Once you understand where you stand emotionally and mentally, you will know whether you should respond to your ex’s snapchat.

Even if you do come to the decision that all you want is a platonic relationship with your ex, you still need to find out what his intentions are by asking him.

If he were to be snapchatting you because he wants to get back together but you only want a platonic relationship, there would be a lot of confusion due to different expectations and this could all lead to despair for both parties involved.

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