Should I Snapchat My Ex Back Or Completely Ignore The Message?

Come to terms with how you feel about your ex, as this is a major factor in all of this.

Should I Snapchat My Ex Back Or Completely Ignore The Message?Why are you thinking about snapchatting him back?

Do you care for your ex?

Do you want to have a relationship with your ex?

What are you feeling and thinking?

Come to terms with that first.

Should you feel like you want to get back with your ex, find out what your ex’s intentions are.

The danger of snapchatting your ex back is in how it becomes a habit that leads nowhere.

You snapchat your ex back, he snapchats back, and back and forth you go with no endgame.

You are hoping that as long as you keep snapchatting each other, he finally gets back with you and becomes your boyfriend again.

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This mindset is misguided.

Regardless of how much he snaps back, this has no bearing on whether he ever wants to take it any further by getting back with you.

Meanwhile, you are giving yourself false hope, wondering where all this snapping back and forth is leading.

With every snapchat or social media message you send or receive from him, you desperately cling to the desire that he comes back and you two date again.

This means that you are compelled to devote a ton of your emotional energy to this.

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You put several dating prospects on hold, thinking that your ex is going to come back to you.

This is a waste of your time and emotion.

What is the end game here?

What do you want out of snapchatting your ex back?

Come to terms with what you want.

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If you want him back, open a dialogue with him about that and find out what his true intentions are.

This informs you on whether your desired outcome is mutual.

Determine this beforehand.

We are only talking about your heart, time, and emotions here.

Big deal right?

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Yes, they are a big deal.

This guy is your ex for a reason.

Why open yourself up to further hurt, if his intentions do not match with your own?

That being said, when you purely want to have your ex as a platonic friend or acquaintance in your life, this is a different story.

Responding to his snapchat would be platonic.

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There is no harm to it.

This being said, it is unlikely that you strictly look at your ex as someone with the potential to become a platonic friend.

There is normally more that goes with it.

You tell yourself that you want nothing more than a platonic relationship, but is that true?

Once you know where you stand emotionally and mentally, you know whether to respond to your ex’s snapchat.

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In coming to the decision that all you want is a platonic relationship with your ex, don’t ignore asking him about what his intentions are upon responding.

An ex who wants to get back together when all you want is a platonic relationship, is an ex who isn’t on the same page with you.

This leads to confusion due to different expectations, which causes despair for either party.

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