Found My Boyfriend Texting Some Girl He Met On Tinder. Am I Overreacting?

A guy that is your exclusive boyfriend, shouldn’t be on Tinder in the first place, texting some girl.

Found My Boyfriend Texting Some Girl He Met On Tinder. Am I Overreacting?You are not overreacting.

Texting some girl that he met on Tinder isn’t a good sign of trustworthiness when in an exclusive relationship.

A boyfriend who is in an exclusive relationship with you has no reason to be on Tinder.

In a scenario where you two initially met on Tinder, he should be done with Tinder now that the objective of meeting someone has been reached.

Now that he is in an exclusive relationship with you, his focus should be on that, as opposed to staying on Tinder.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that he merely checked his account for curiosity’s sake.

That isn’t an excuse.

He has already met you and agreed to be your exclusive boyfriend.

There is no justifiable excuse to continue having an open account or profile on it.

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The moment you two decided to get into an exclusive relationship, was the moment he should have cancelled his Tinder profile.

Ditto for you too.

This was when you two should have made the decision to cancel your Tinder accounts so as to concentrate on your exclusive relationship.

Even if you never met him on Tinder, there isn’t an excuse for him to be using Tinder when he is in an exclusive relationship with you.

He has told you that he used it in the past but never takes it seriously.

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You didn’t think too much of it, given that he told you he never takes Tinder seriously.

Well, that isn’t an excuse either.

I know that there is this general notion that Tinder is this playful place where people can come to and do a little harmless flirting, but there are genuine hookups that occur through Tinder.

It is not the normal social media app.

People get on there with the intent of either hooking up with someone or finding a relationship.

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This incident wasn’t isolated.

There is a high probability that he has either texted this girl that he met on Tinder before, or he is texting other girls that he is meeting on Tinder.

This indicates that he isn’t taking the relationship that he has with you too seriously.

He is keeping his dating options open for someone better to come along.

It’s inevitable you develop strong emotional tendencies toward your boyfriend over time and this is dangerous.

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This exposes you to getting seriously hurt when he chooses to leave you for someone else he met on Tinder.

Talk to him about this and get his genuine opinion about the nature of the relationship he believes he has with you.

Where there is agreement that you are in an exclusive relationship with each other, texting another girl on Tinder is unacceptable.

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