Should I Stop Wearing Heels Because Of My Boyfriend?

Should I Stop Wearing Heels Because Of My Boyfriend?


If you love wearing heels, you shouldn’t stop wearing them because of your boyfriend.

You are still who you are.

Having a boyfriend hasn’t or shouldn’t change that.

If you love wearing heels, there is a reason for that.

You may love how sexy or desirable it makes you feel.

You may love how they tend to fit with particular outfits.

You may feel more confident when you wear them.

You may like wearing them because you have girlfriends that tend to do the same and you love that shared connection or camaraderie.

There may be a multitude of reasons why you love to wear your heels and your boyfriend may have nothing to do with any of them.

The danger of stopping yourself from wearing heels is in the strong possibility that you would be stopping yourself from doing something you love.

This may be something that you have always loved.

If you start doing this, what else are you going to stop doing?

Truly, think about this.

The moment you start going down this road, you just may start finding new things to cut out of your life for the sake of your boyfriend.

He may even become emboldened in making this your reality after he notices that you have dropped doing something just for his benefit.

Next, he may ask you to stop being a friend to someone in your social circle that he doesn’t like.

You may acquiesce to that just so that you can appease him.

Now, you have lost a perfectly good friend.

What’s next?

You see where this could lead?

It can be one of those things that starts mildly enough but ultimately builds to so much more.

You shouldn’t want this.

All it does is lead you towards a path of unhappiness.

If you love wearing heels, keep wearing them.

Doing this is part of who you are.

If you feel like your boyfriend would have a difficult time with his ego because he is often shorter than you when you wear those heels, he will have to deal with it.

As long as you are not being disrespectful to him and belittling him based on the height issue, you are within your boundaries to wear those heels.

If your boyfriend can’t handle the fact that you tend to be taller than him when you wear heels and is constantly giving you a hard time over it, he will have to learn to be his own confident self or you may have to start reconsidering this relationship.

A guy who becomes insecure about stuff like this is typically insecure about other things.

It’s not just the height issue.

He may be insecure about the fact that you are better than him at something else.

He may be insecure about the kinds of friends you keep because they are so much better than his own or his lack there of.

He may be insecure about how well respected you may be among your colleagues because he doesn’t have that kind of respect among his own colleagues.

He may be insecure about your progressive career path in life because he is stuck in a dead-end job.

In other words, a boyfriend who is giving you a hard time over the height difference when you wear heels may be insecure about a whole lot of other things.

You may be able to tell by simply thinking back into your relationship of moments that may be similar to what I have just described.

Keep wearing the heels or find a new boyfriend who isn’t so insecure.

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