How Do You Get Your Ex Back If He’s Dating Someone Else?

How Do You Get Your Ex Back If He's Dating Someone Else?

The earlier he is into dating this new person, the better your chances of getting your ex back.

Too far into a new relationship, it gets a little bit more complicated to get him back.

In the early stages of a relationship, your ex and the girl he is seeing are still figuring each other out.

Not knowing each other all that well, they are yet to establish a solid foundation of comfort and trust.

You know your ex a lot better than this new girl knows him.

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Use that to your advantage.

Based on what you have discovered about them so far, what do they seem to be lacking?

Think about it.

What did your ex boyfriend love experiencing?

Whitewater rafting?

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Bungee jumping?


Cave exploring?

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Take yourself back to the experiences you had with him at a time you were both really getting along in your relationship.

Look back at pictures that were taken in the past and messages exchanged.

Remember the events that made him really excited and put him in a good mood for quite some time after.

This is your starting point.

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Relive those activities, but this time, you would be doing it with a friend, friends, family members, work colleagues, etc.

Post the photos on your social media.

Using activities you know got the most positive reaction from your ex when you were dating him is your best bet.

When he sees the photos, he is taken back to the time he experienced those activities with you.

He feels compelled to like a photo of you building a tent. It reminded him of the last time the both of you went camping.

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Look like you are having a really good time in all these photos.

What these photos do is set off a trigger in his mind.

When you post more photos of you traveling to some familiar location, it reminds him of when you both traveled to Greece together.

When you post photos of you hang gliding, it reminds him of when you both did the same by the coast and how amazing that day was.

You are triggering pleasant memories in his mind.

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In this state of mind, he isn’t thinking about anything negative when it comes to the both of you.

He is being reminded of what made him love you in the first place.

Inadvertently, all these triggers force him to compare you to the girl he is currently dating.

Again, remember, you have the advantage in knowing what he loves and having access to all these shared experiences that he is yet to have with this new girl.

Come to think of it, she told him she has never traveled anywhere besides a neighboring state.

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She isn’t all that outdoorsy either.

Never done camping and hates it.

He can’t imagine taking her hang gliding.

She hates heights.

Why is he dating her again?

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The pleasant memories you have triggered in him by posting these new photos to your social media, reminding him of several of the activities he loved experiencing with you, is now forcing him to take a closer look at why he is dating this new girl in the first place.

He shakes it off.

Each day passes with him finding himself back on your social media, eating up all these nostalgia-inducing photos you keep putting up.

He keeps liking your photos.

You don’t respond to any of his likes.

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This is making him anxious. Soon, he is unable to keep himself from reaching out to you.

This is how you open the door.

From this point forward, you have a very good chance of getting your ex back.

You just need to be pleasant, but nonchalant.

That means you keep conversations with him to a minimum.

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After all, you’ve got fun places to go and fun things to do.

All without him, who happens to be stuck with a girl he is beginning to realize more and more is a lot less like him than he would have hoped.

As long as you stay disciplined, keeping your conversations short and not giving him any indication you still have romantic feelings for him, you make yourself irresistibly valuable.

This is what compels him to start chasing you all over again like he did in the past.


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