Can A Girl Be In Love With A Guy Who She Is Not Attracted To Physically?

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Can A Girl Be In Love With A Guy Who She Is Not Attracted To Physically?

A girl can be in love with a guy who she is not attracted to physically depending on if the guy has become someone that she now relies on emotionally.

She may see the guy as her emotional foundation.

If she is dependent on how he supports her on an emotional sense, she can fall in love with that side of him even though she may not be attracted to him physically.

Now, the problem with this kind of situation is that she may never be able to get over the physical impediment.

If she is not attracted to you physically, it will be difficult for her to want to be intimate with you.

She may feel very awkward doing it.

She may try it but keep failing to get into it every time.

Desperate, she may try to envision someone else as you are both being intimate.

However, this can only take her so far.

She becomes frustrated and upset by the whole situation.

She is struggling to get past the lack of physical attraction that she has for you but is finding it very difficult to do so.

She just wants to break through it but try as she may, she just can’t.

Now she is stuck.

She is in love with the emotional side of what you give her but she isn’t in love with your physicality.

This means that she isn’t in love with all of you both inside and out.

She is merely in love with what is inside.

Hence, she will find it very difficult to be able to take your relationship with her to the next level.

She may question how she could possibly be with you as a long-term partner when she has no physical attraction towards you.

She may have forced herself to believe that what you offer her emotionally would be enough, but clearly it isn’t.

This becomes a factor.

As a result, she begins to develop more of a platonic relationship with you that doesn’t involve physical intimacy.

She doesn’t want to lose you but she also knows that she can’t keep forcing what isn’t there.

So she develops a bond with you that is closer than that of generic best friends but falls short of that of lovers.

She loves how you make her feel inside.

She loves how good you make her feel about herself and how much you help her with her emotional well-being.

She feels an emotional connection to you that she doesn’t feel with other guys.

She may have never had this kind of emotional connection with even guys that she has dated in the past.

They may have appealed to her physically but lacked the emotional depth that you provide.

However, unfortunately, she is not physically attracted to you.

Hence, your relationship with her can only go so far.

In her heart she longs for someone who can give her both the emotional and physical chemistry that she needs in order to be in a true committed relationship.

You are not that person and thereby it is unlikely that she will be with you in a romantic sense.

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