I’m Kind Of Disappointed About My First Date Ever. Is This Normal? I Don’t Know What To Do

I'm Kind Of Disappointed About My First Date Ever. Is This Normal? I Don't Know What To Do

Being disappointed about your first date ever is not abnormal.

There are quite a number of people who go on their first date and end up disappointed.

You really should figure out what caused this disappointment.

Perhaps you had a lot of expectations going into this first date.

You had visualized how it was all going to go down in your head and you hoped that it would play out exactly as you had envisioned it.

Creating such a rigid picture of how you want a first date to go can be very detrimental to it.

You may start behaving in a certain way during the date as you begin to force the issue.

Being that you saw how things would go in your head, you begin to push conversation and the way you behave during the date towards that vision.

This is dangerous. It doesn’t allow you to give the date a chance to lead wherever it is going in a natural way.

You may have expectations of how your date should behave or what your date should say that ends up not happening the way you envisioned it.

This creates disappointment and your energy level during that first date takes a hit, leaving you unhappy and lacking enthusiasm.

This may have been the reason why you were disappointed about your first date.

It is never a good idea to come in with preconceived expectations and acting upon them.

You also have to examine the kind of first date you went on.

Perhaps you were in an environment that you aren’t used to and wasn’t comfortable in.

Perhaps you decided to go to this location on your first date because you were trying to be diplomatic.

Perhaps you even engaged in an activity that you don’t typically do.

All of this may have caused some anxiety on your part which ultimately led to disappointment about the first date.

Another reason you may have been disappointed about the first date could also have been due to the interaction you had with this person.

Perhaps the conversations weren’t as fun and fluid as you wanted them to be. The topics discussed may have been dull and uninspiring.

Do understand that conversation during a date is a two way street.

When you allow your date to often be the one to keep the conversation going by coming up with topics to talk about, you are not participating in an active manner during the date.

You have to take a look at just how you behaved in this department.

Understand that your date may have also been nervous.

Your date may have come up with those topics of discussion because they were worried that if they didn’t, you would both have nothing to talk about.

In their haste to keep the conversation going, they may have come up with lackluster topics.

In the end, in order to ensure that you have a better date next time, look to how you behaved in the first one.

Reduce your expectations and be proactive in discussions.

This can take you far.

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