Why Would A Girl Tell Me I Look Like I Have A Lot Of Girls?

Why Would A Girl Tell Me I Look Like I Have A Lot Of Girls?

When you are giving her player vibes, she is compelled to tell you that you look like you have a lot of girls.

She sees how girls react when they are around you and how you flirt with them.

She has observed your behavior over a period of time and has come to this conclusion.

You have a swagger or way of speaking that reminds her of guys that she has dated in the past who ended up having a lot of girls on the side.

So much of what she sees in how you carry yourself and what you say is indicating you are a guy who has a lot of girls.

This is especially true when she has had experience with guys like this.

You say things that trigger a memory about an ex that she dated who had a lot of girls when she met him and kept those girls on the side while they were dating.

Additionally, there are girls who are testing you when they say this.

She wants to observe how you react to that.

There is a part of her that is considering whether you are a guy she would want to date.

As of now, she is not quite ready to enter the fray.

She wants to test the waters first.

So she tells you that you look like a guy who has a lot of girls to see whether you squirm, or whether you give off energy that would make her believe you are being honest or dishonest in your response.

She wants to see how you react to what she says, not completely sure about you.

By mentioning it, she gets to observe your reaction and gain further insight into whether she is right or wrong.

She doesn’t want to be with a guy who has a wandering eye or who gets too distracted by girls.

She wants to be a priority in her boyfriend’s life and not have to keep warding off females.

As a girl who tends to fall fast for a guy, she is exercising caution.

She has a habit of opening her heart to guys like you relatively quickly.

She doesn’t want to open it to a smooth talker who is going to hurt her in the end due to so much attention from girls.

This is a position she doesn’t want to be in if she can help it.

Thereby, she tests you.


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