Asked Out A Coworker. She Didn’t Give A Straight No But Didn’t Say Yes. Do I Have Any Chance Down The Road With Her?

When you ask out a coworker and she doesn’t tell you yes, she is not interested in you.

Asked Out A Coworker. She Didn't Give A Straight No But Didn't Say Yes. Do I Have Any Chance Down The Road With Her?It is unlikely you have a chance with her down the road either.

A woman knows whether she wants to go out with you or not, even when she is your coworker.

As her coworker, you are already someone she is familiar with, being that you work at the same place.

It’s not like you are a stranger who just stepped up to her at the mall.

There is familiarity with you which should make her feel relatively safe around you.

Thereby, she wouldn’t have any fears about who you are, as she is already acquainted with you or at least knows you through work.

When she doesn’t give you a straight no but doesn’t say yes either to being asked out, she is actually giving you a no.

She isn’t reluctant to be as direct as she should be for you to get the picture.

Some girls are reluctant to do this, afraid of hurting the guy’s feelings, or too worried about confrontation.

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Instead of giving you a direct answer, they dance around the subject but never actually give it to you straight.

You as the guy are then left scratching your head, trying to figure her out and what her response meant.

Girls who are interested in a guy normally don’t hesitate to accept a guy’s proposal for a date.

He gets a yes relatively fast and she makes herself available for the date.

This girl works with you and has to see you everyday or cross paths with you at work from time to time.

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This makes her fearful of putting herself in a position where she feels awkward every time she comes to work, knowing she is going to see you.

She doesn’t want that stress every single time she comes to work.

By not giving you a straight yes or no, she has seemingly left the door open without denying you.

Nevertheless, she did so to avoid creating a strain in your relationship with her at work.

She didn’t directly tell you no, hoping to circumvent hostility towards her.

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With such an ambiguous response, you remain hopeful of going out on a date with her in the foreseeable future, which has you keep treating her with civility.

It is a win win for her.

She knows she has saved herself from any awkwardness at work, while in the back of your mind, you hang on to the hope of going out on a date with her.

Notwithstanding, the facts are clear.

Your coworker did not give you a yes.

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This means she is not interested in you.

The sooner you accept this, the sooner you move on.

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