Would I Have A Boyfriend If I Joined A Sorority?

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Would I Have A Boyfriend If I Joined A Sorority?

Joining a sorority is not necessarily going to get you a boyfriend.

If you are thinking that merely joining a sorority is all you need to get one, you may be approaching this in a very unproductive way.

The reason for you joining a sorority should not be centered on using it to find a boyfriend.

If this is your approach, you would actually impede yourself from getting what you actually want.

When you go about it this way, you would only be in it for what you can ultimately get for yourself.

You wouldn’t be wholeheartedly in the sorority because you want the experience and truly want to give it a chance.

Now, it is true that joining a sorority does open you up to meeting more guys.

Sororities often have fraternities that they are partnered with in some way.

Guys often will show up at the sorority houses for parties or will invite the sorority girls to parties at their fraternity houses.

However, something you will notice with a lot of people in sororities and fraternities is their passion.

They have a passion for being a part of this kind of organization.

They are truly into it for the long term and will make sacrifices to ensure that they are a productive member of the group.

If you are not of this kind of mentality, you will not be able to reap the full benefits of being part of a sorority.

You will ultimately be miserable in the fact that you only joined the sorority in order to find a boyfriend and that hasn’t happened yet.

All you have met so far have been guys who just want to drink and party.

Where are the quality guys you may ask?

Where are the guys that I can actually see as a boyfriend?

Where are the guys who are boyfriend material?

Well, you will typically not start being around guys like this until you have been a good sister and team player to your sorority.

Oftentimes, these kind of guys won’t show up until you have earned some seniority and goodwill in your sorority.

This is when other sorority sisters begin to put in the good word for you.

This is when other sorority sisters begin to vouch for you.

This is when other sorority sisters start introducing you to the really quality guys that are in their network of friends.

When these sisters have seen that you are real and there for the long term.

When they have noticed your passion for the sorority and your willingness to participate and be a true team player.

It will be very difficult for you to ever get to this point if all you were doing in the first place was joining the sorority in order to get a boyfriend.

You would not show the right kind of body language nor attitude.

The other sisters would never feel like they could truly trust you and vouch for you.

Hence, the only guys you would have access to would be the guys who get drunk at every fraternity or sorority party.

These guys aren’t boyfriend material.

Get into the sorority for the right reasons and not just selfish ones and you will have the best shot at finding a boyfriend.

You will also be able to grow as a person due to new experiences and a bond of sisterhood with your sorority.

These qualities can help you ultimately meet the right kind of guy for you who could become your boyfriend.

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