Do Guys Ever Actually Want Relationships In College With Girls They Like?

There are guys in college who want relationships and guys who don’t, but it all depends on which guys you are associating yourself with.

Do Guys Ever Actually Want Relationships In College With Girls They Like?Heed the choices you make in who you choose to talk to.

You have control over the caliber of guys that you interact with in college, irrespective of the caliber of guys that your friends like to hang out with.

When you are constantly meeting guys who don’t seem to want to have a relationship, and just want to party and have fun with as many girls as possible all the time, change the caliber of guys you are around.

Constantly being around guys that party, leaves you primarily with this caliber of men as your dating options.

He is young and free.

This is his first time away from home, depending on what year of college he is.

He wants to have all the fun that this newly found freedom gives him.

When you keep meeting the same guys in the same partying environment, you are bound to keep getting the same results.

You will keep meeting guys who don’t want relationships, preferring instead to have fun with as many girls as they can hook up with.

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You need to change where you tend to meet guys.

There are guys in college who are interested in other things.

They party from time to time but they tend to fight for a particular course that is dear to them or they pursue other interests that further their future careers.

These are the guys you find at the library studying on a regular basis, or as part of an organization that stands for something that they are passionate about.

They write in the college newspaper or are a part of a governing student body that listens to students concerns and gives them advice on how to make their college experience worthwhile.

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These guys are teacher assistants at your college classes or resident assistants at the dorms.

There are all kinds of guys at college.

There are the guys who mostly care about partying and hooking up with lots of girls, and the guys who are more involved in activities that further their college exploits in a professional and beneficial manner.

You have to start trying these other guys that are about more than just partying.

They aren’t initially as exciting and robust as the regular party-going guys, but they still have substance.

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If you are always drawn to the frat boys who are forever partying and having girls over, you will keep getting the same result in finding it hard to get relationships.

It doesn’t mean that the the frat boy can’t be that committed guy in a relationship.

But, it is harder to find him in this bunch.

The guy who parties way too often is a lot less likely to give you want you want as far as relationships go.

Open up your social circle and start meeting different kinds of guys in college.

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They exist.

You just have to open your eyes and take notice.

Once you do this, you realize that you have a whole lot more choices in potential dates than you thought.

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