How Do You Get A Boyfriend If Men Hate You?

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How Do You Get A Boyfriend If Men Hate You?

Why do you believe that men hate you?

Being at the receiving end of hateful experiences from men has warped your mind into thinking men hate you.

Don’t use this as an excuse not to take a good hard look at yourself and make a critical assessment.

The truth is, when you keep hearing the same complaint about you from several different men that don’t know each other, there is a good chance those complaints have merit.

When men have the same negative approach to you over and over again, it has something to do with you.

These men don’t know each other, yet, their behavior is similar.

It’s hateful towards you.

Consider why this is.

None of this means you are a bad person who isn’t capable of getting a boyfriend.

It means that you have to work on a few elements of your personality that rubs men wrongly.

Talk to your friends and family and ask them to give you their sincere opinion about how you behave.

These are the people who know you best, which makes them the perfect option to learn more about yourself.

When you hear something from them that relates to what those men have told you, you now know where the issue lies.

What did your friends and family tell you?

Regardless of how wrong you believe they are, don’t stubbornly shut your ears to it and do nothing.

Did they tell you that you have a tendency to be rude, conceited or abrasive?

Who knows what led to this?

A traumatic past romantic relationship that left you heartbroken?

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you correct it.

Ask your friends and family for specific examples where you haven’t acted right and what you did.

This is what you need to correct.

It takes time, but the more you work on getting rid of these negative traits in your personality, the better off you are with attracting men who don’t hate you.

Consider something else you might be doing in the following.

As human beings, we react to the environment that we are in.

We mimic that environment and meld into it.

Bad experiences with men you have dated in your past has had an effect of making you, the recipient, morph into what you are being made out to be.

Suddenly, you act out, being the example of what they are falsely accusing you of being.

This is how you retaliate and it is human.

Watch for this and check yourself whenever you get the perception you are taking on the persona of what these men are calling you.

This is especially true when you know that this isn’t who you are at all.

To get a boyfriend, be true to yourself.

You have to understand what makes you someone that is worth getting to know.

Be forthright about the reality that you aren’t perfect person.

Convey the impression that you love yourself, but without conceit.

Men like it when they perceive a woman who is confident, with a touch of vulnerability.

This is a healthy vulnerability.

The vulnerability of a person who doesn’t have all the answers, but is open to learning and growing as a person.

This is endearing and draws men to you like bees to honey.

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