Blonde Or Brunette? What Do Guys Prefer On A Girl?

Blonde Or Brunette? What Do Guys Prefer On A Girl?

There have been a few contradicting studies about this.

The social networking website, Badoo, conducted an extensive survey of 2,000 men that revealed that 60 percent of them preferred brunettes over blondes.

On the flip side, in 2011, a Scandinavian Journal Of Psychology conducted an experiment where they sent a brunette, blonde and a redhead to three different nightclubs on three different occasions.

They discovered that on average, the blonde was approached more than the brunette and the redhead.

Contradicting scientific surveys and experiments aside, you do have to understand that truly attracting a guy is not just about the color of hair you wear but how you carry and conduct yourself.

For example, a guy may totally prefer a brunette but upon interacting with her may become turned off by the fact that she lacks personality.

On the flip side, if this same guy were to talk to the blonde nearby and she has an intriguing personality, he would most likely prefer dating the blonde over the brunette.

My point is, you shouldn’t get so caught up in what color your hair is.

As the scientific survey and experiment shows, there is a decent number of guys who like both.

You are not suddenly going to be ostracized or blacklisted by men because you are a blonde or a brunette.

You have to have the confidence and personality to wear that hair well if you are looking for a decent guy.

There has to be more to you than your hair.

You may be influenced by how your friends wear their hair.

You may notice that the ones who tend to wear a particular color seem to be the ones who get all the attention from guys and get the boyfriends.

Don’t allow this to influence your decision on what color hair to wear.

So much depends on how you carry yourself as a person and how compelling you are.

As I mentioned earlier, even if you wore the hair most preferred by guys, you would get nowhere with them if you don’t show them an intriguing personality.

You can experiment if you choose. You could try them both out to see which one garners the attention you desire.

However, don’t allow the hair to define who you are. You are the one who is in charge of that.

If you are able to get the guy’s attention because you have dyed your hair a certain color, you now have the most important task of showing him that you are an interesting and multidimensional character.

Give him the sense that there is more to you than what’s on the outside.

You have to have this mentality if you want to get a quality guy that wants a long-term relationship with you.

You should give him the impression that you have hobbies and interests that keep you engaged.

Let him see just how dynamic your life is.

It would make him want to become a part of it.

He may think about how much fun it would be to hang out with you and engage in all those activities.

He may be taken by your worldview and want to know more.

This is how you get this guy hooked on every word you say.

Your hair color may grab his attention but your persona has to do the heavy-lifting to keep it.

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