Have You Ever Gone Days Without Hearing From Your Boyfriend?

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Have You Ever Gone Days Without Hearing From Your Boyfriend?If you tend to go for days without hearing from your boyfriend, this is a bad sign.

Your boyfriend shouldn’t be taking days to contact you or respond to your messages.

Your boyfriend would normally act in this manner if he doesn’t care too much for you or if he feels like you are too clingy.

If he feels like you are too clingy, he may not want to respond right away to your messages because he knows that you would just keep messaging him with topics that don’t really interest him.

He would try to avoid getting stuck in these situations by avoiding a response for as long as he can until the point he knows that he has to reach out to you.

When he doesn’t care too much about you, you may go for days without hearing from him because he would much rather be doing something else or be hanging around people that he actually cares about.

You will notice that he doesn’t care much for you when you realize that not only is it taking you days to hear from him but he also rarely takes you out on dates anymore or hangs out with you.

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These are very strong signs that he doesn’t care much for you.

He may stay in the relationship simply because you are safe and he knows that he has you to fall back on. He may not want to put out too much effort to go find someone new at this time so he will stick around but will still take days to get back with you or contact you.

Again, he knows that you are a safe bet. You are always there.

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He has taken you for granted.

This is why he may not care much for you but would still remain in the relationship.

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However, the moment someone better comes along, it may no longer be days that you are waiting to hear from him but you may never hear from him altogether.

One of the best ways you can handle a situation like this is to have a heart to heart talk with him.

He may honestly be open to that but may feel like you wouldn’t really be able to handle what he has to say.

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If he is worried that you wouldn’t be able to handle what he has to say or that you are easily hurt, he may say nothing in order to avoid a scene.

However, if you show him that you are willing to listen to what he has to say and you will take it into account, he may be more open to telling you what is really bothering him.

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Having a heart to heart conversation with him will allow you to tell if he is truly willing to give this relationship a chance or if he is simply going through the motions.

You truly have to address this issue of not hearing from him for days.

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You can’t keep ignoring it.

The more you ignore it, the more he will do it and there will be no resolution.

As long as there is no resolution, you will be in constant discomfort.

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This is’t where you want to be for any length of time.

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