Have You Ever Gone Days Without Hearing From Your Boyfriend?

A boyfriend shouldn’t be taking days to contact you or respond to your messages, given how convenient it is to communicate, with the advent of modern technology.

Have You Ever Gone Days Without Hearing From Your Boyfriend?Going for days without hearing from your boyfriend is a bad sign.

A boyfriend who does this is demonstrating that he doesn’t care too much for you, or thinks you are too clingy of a girlfriend.

When he believes you are too clingy, he doesn’t want to respond right away to your messages, knowing that you would keep messaging him with topics that don’t interest him.

He avoids getting stuck in these situations by avoiding a response for as long as he can, until the point he knows he has to reach out to you.

When he doesn’t care too much about you, you go for days without hearing from him, as he would much rather be doing something else, or be hanging around people that he actually cares about.

You know he doesn’t care much for you when you realize that not only is it taking days to hear from him, he rarely takes you out on dates anymore or hangs out with you.

So, why does he stay in a relationship where he doesn’t care much for you?

You are safe.

He knows that he has you to fall back on.

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He doesn’t want to put out too much effort to go find someone new at this time, so he sticks around.

Knowing he can get away with taking days to get back with you, he abuses that privilege.

Again, he knows that you are a safe bet.

You are always there.

He has taken you for granted.

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Don’t be fooled though.

The moment someone better comes along, it is no longer days that you are waiting to hear from him, you never hear from him altogether.

It’s time to have a heart to heart talk with him.

As long as you give him the impression you can handle what he has to say, you have a better shot at him telling you why he goes for days without contacting you.

As a guy, he wants to avoid a scene.

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Having to comfort you over words you don’t want to hear isn’t appealing to him.

This is why you need to show him that you are keen to listen to what he has to say and take it fully into account.

Having a heart to heart conversation with him is how you pick up on whether he has the will to save the relationship, or is going through the motions until someone better comes along.

Address this issue before it gets too out of hand and there is no coming back from it.

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